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Week of Score Noted Violations
5/30/2017 90-A

6-1B Proper hot holding temperatures

17C Physical facilities installed, maintained, and clean

9/22/2016 98-A

Utensils, equipment and linens: properly stored, dried, handled

Food and nonfood-contact surfaces cleanable, properly designed, constructed, and used

Nonfood-contact surfaces clean

2/22/2016 100-A

8/5/2015 91-A

1. Observed employee with an apron covered in flour from battering raw chicken leaning over prep table to place cooked chicken into the hot hold area. The apron came into contact with the prep table.

Employees should not touch the surface of a prep table with a soiled apron. Employees must be aware of potential contamination and refrain from leaning across the table from several feet away. To place chicken in hot holding, employee should carry it to that area. The table was cleaned and sanitized.

Repeat Violation.

2. Clean containers were wet stacked. Must air dry before stacking. The containers were separated to air dry. Repeat Violation.

3. Observed water standing under the grate at the walk-in cooler. Seal the grate to prevent water from getting under it.

3/16/2015 92-A

1. Observed mold and slime on the inside top of the ice machine. Empty machine, clean and sanitize. Repeat Violation.

2. Observed clean containers wet stacked. Must air dry before stacking. The containers were separated to air dry.

3. Slip resistant mats for cutting boards in extremely bad repair (torn and tattered). Replace the mats.

10/6/2014 81-A

1. Observed employee screening the raw chicken flour, then placing hands on the pass-through where

plated food is placed. When handling anything in contact with raw chicken, hands must first be washed

before touching other surfaces.

2. Observed employee eating while prepping food. Employees cannot eat in the prep areas at all.

3. The inside top edge of the large salad container had dried debris on it. The container was scrubbed

to remove debris.

4. The inspection report was not posted. The report must be posted at all times.

5. The outside bottom of the lettuce container used for draining excess water had slime-like material in

the crevices. Clean the container thoroughly.

5/19/2014 89-B

1. Observed flour in the bulk storage container with grey blobs in it. The manager stated that it was probably water from putting a wet lid on the container. The flour was discarded. Always ensure that all food remains in a good condition and unadulterated.

2. The hot water was turned off at 2 hand wash sinks. Ensure that hot water is always available for proper hand washing. The water was turned back on.

12/10/2013 96-A

Observed a chemical spray bottle stored with single service articles. Chemicals must be stored separately from food and food service equipment.

8/20/2013 93-A

1. Cutting boards "fuzzy", not smooth and easily cleanable. Replace or resurface the cutting boards.

2. Fly strips hanging over bread. Ensure that the fly strips are not over food, equipment or prep surfaces. The bread was moved.

4/1/2013 90-A

1. Chicken tenders at 105-110F. Must be held at 135F or above. The tenders were discarded. Person in charge must ensure proper cold holding.

2. Single service articles on the floor in the dry storage area. Must be 6" off of floor

10/24/2012 100-A

(re-opening after fire damage)

2/20/2012 91-A

1. Observed young child in the kitchen area. The person-in-charge must ensure that unauthorized personnel are not allowed into the kitchen area.

2. The mixer valve on the handwashing sink not operating properly. Repair ASAP.

3. The plastic handle of a knife was degrading and was "sticky". If the knife cannot be cleaned, it must be replaced.

10/6/2011 91-A

1. No Certified Food Safety Manager on staff. Must have ASAP.

2. Cutting boards not clean to sight and touch. When questioned, the person-in charge stated they were cleaned every night. Cutting boards in use must be cleaned and sanitized every 4 hours minimum. Corrected on-site.

3. The underside of the shelf above the center working station should be cleaned. Also, the seals on the drawer coolers under the grill should be cleaned. Observed numerous food containers cracked and chipped. Replace the containers.

6/8/2011 93-A

1. Single service articles on the floor in the dry storage area. Must be 6" off floor. Corrected on-site.

2. Observed food containers cracked and chipped. Replace the containers.

3. The floor in the dry storage area should be cleaned.

4. Numerous flies throughout the facility. Person-in-charge must insure that insects are controlled.

12/22/2010 95-A

1. Observed cutting boards with deep grooves and not clean to site and touch. The cutting boards must be resurfaced or replaced to be smooth and easily cleanable.

2. Bowls stored on top of shelf not inverted. Store single service articles inverted or covered.

6/25/2010 96-A


Hand wash sink was being used as a dump sink. The hand wash sink must be available for hand washing at all times. Corrected on-site.

5/24/2010 81-B

Worker with bare hands seen cutting tomatoes when glove or utensil use is required. No bare hand contact is allowed with ready to eat food. Person-in-charge to ensure that employees are aware of proper handling of ready-to-eat food.

Blue cheese at 59F, shredded cheese at 57F, cut tomatoes at 56F in top of prep cooler. Inside of unit at 39F. Use ice to maintain temperature until unit can be adjusted. Recommend using metal pans for potentially hazardous food items on top of unit. Person-in-charge to monitor temperatures to ensure proper holding at 41F or below. Potentially hazardous foods found out of temperature were discarded at time of inspection.

Vent in walk-in cooler should be cleaned to remove dust buildup.

12/28/2009 96-B


Wipe cloth not stored in sanitizing solution. Wet wiping cloths must be stored in sanitizing solution between uses.

Dirty food containers stored on floor. No utensils, even if dirty, cannot be stored on the floor.

Single service articles stored on floor. All single service items must be stored 6 inches above floor.

11/9/2009 86-B

Sanitizer for ware washing not at proper concentration. Must be 200-400 ppm Quat.

Potentially hazardous food not held at proper temperature. Cold holding must be at 41F or below. Hot holding must be at 135F or above.

Gaskets on cooling units in disrepair and must be replaced.

6/22/2009 94-A

Unapproved method for holding frozen food.

Numerous flies throughout facility.

3/16/2009 90-A

Potentially hazardous food not held at proper temperature. Food held hot must be at 135F or above.

Test strips for sanitizer required.

11/24/2008 94-A

Sanitizer for wipe cloths not at proper concentration. Should be 200-400 ppm Quat.

Must have warm water at hand wash sink beside chicken prep area. Repeat

7/8/2008 97-A


Must have warm water at hand wash sink. Repeat

7/2/2008 88-B

Potentially hazardous food not held at proper temperature Cold holding must be at 41F or below.

Must have 2nd page of inspection form for viewing if requested.

Hot water turned off at all hand wash sinks.

2/22/2008 94-A


Sanitizer for ware washing not at proper concentration. Repeat.

2/7/2008 82-B

Sanitizer for ware washing not at proper concentration. Should be 200-400 ppm Quat.

Cooling unit for chicken beside grill not at proper temperature. Chicken at 52F Must be at 41F or below.

Sanitizer for wipe cloths not at proper concentration. Should be 200-400 ppm Quat.

Green cutting board should be replaced no longer smooth and easily cleanable.

Scoops for lettuce should be stored with the handle up extending out of food.

10/12/2007 94

Employee handled dirty dishes then handled clean dishes without first washing hands.

Hot water valve turned off at hand wash sink.

Numerous flies throughout facility.

Need procedure for cleaning and sanitizing in-use utensils.

6/12/2007 96

Wipe cloths not stored in sanitizing solution. Sanitizing solution for wipe cloths not at proper concentration - should be 50-100 ppm chlorine.

Rack for clean dishes had items (especially utensils) that were not clean

12/19/2006 96

Some dishes on clean dish rack unclean

Wall panel removed revealing studs/ potential insect/rodent harborage

7/7/2006 96



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