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Week of Score Noted Violations
11/15/2017 91-A

Food in good condition, safe, and unadulterated

6/13/2017 91-A

6-1A Proper cold holding temperatures

12/29/2016 100-A

5/13/2016 100-A

8/10/2015 91-A

1. Potentially hazardous food in the top unit of the make line at 62-74F. The employee looked and the unit was not turned on that morning. All of the PHF was discarded and the unit turned on. It is critical that the person in charge ensure that the unit is turned on each morning before stocking the unit

with PHF.

2. Employee food in the walk-in cooler. Employee food can be in the cooler, but must be in a designated area in a container labeled "employee food" and stored beneath food for service. The food was relocated.

3/23/2015 95-A

1. Greased Lightning cleaner observed in facility. This chemical not labeled for food service use. The bottle was removed from the facility.

2. No self closer on the restroom door. Install self closer.

11/13/2014 90-A

1. Potentially hazardous food on the making line at 49-54F. Items above 50 were discarded. Other PHF items were placed under the unit that was holding at the proper temperature. A service technician was called.

2. Dirty apron hanging on the dry storage rack. Used aprons should be in a designated area away from food and food service equipment.

7/15/2014 97-A

Numerous flies in the facility. Person in charge to ensure pests are controlled and eliminated

3/12/2014 96-A

1. Package of cooked wings on the counter at 48-58F. The wings were discarded. When prepping potentially hazardous food and another task is more immediate, the PHF must be placed back in cold holding.

2. Table in back has employee items stored with food service items. Relocate one or the other.

9/24/2013 96-A

Wet wiping cloth on the counter. Wet wipe cloths must be stored in sanitizing solution between uses. Repeat Violation.

1/7/2013 95-A

1. Glue and fingernail polish remover stored with single service articles. Store chemicals away from food and food service equipment.

2. Employee jacket stored on prep table. Dirty apron stored on pizza boxes. Employee items must be stored in a designated area away from food and food service equipment.

8/29/2012 95-A

1. No Certified Food Safety Manager on staff. Previous manager's certificate was displayed, but has not been employed there for over 3 months. Get certification ASAP.

2. Gloves for food service were stored in the restroom. Any equipment that is used for food service must not be in the restroom even if it is on the top shelf. Only chemicals or trash bags can be in the restroom.

5/12/2012 88-B

1. Potentially hazardous food in the make line at 47-49F. The unit was not operating and ice was being used to maintain temperature. When ice is used it cannot be only on the bottom, but must surround the food item.

2. Numerous flies in the facility. Person-in-charge to ensure pests are controlled and eliminated.

1/17/2012 95-A

1. Observed opened canned drink in dry storage area and an open drink in the cooler. Employee drinks must have a lid and straw.

2. The seal on the prep table should be replaced to ensure that food debris does not accumulate in the juncture.

3. Jacket stored on top of bottled drinks. Employee items must be stored separately from food and food service equipment.

9/20/2011 95-A

1. Food employee was wearing a watch. Food employees are only allowed a plain band ring.

2. Wet wiping cloth not stored in sanitizing solution between uses.

3. Observed a mop sitting in stagnant water. The mop should be hung to dry.

5/11/2011 90-A

1. Employee was preparing ready-to-eat pizza toppings with bare hands when glove or utensil use is required. The employee was stopped and directed to wash hands and put on gloves before preparing pizzas. Corrected on-site.

2. The holes in the wall in the back must be repaired.

3. Light shield in dishwashing area must be replaced

6/7/2010 97-A

Live flies in kitchen. Observed numerous flies throughout facility. Person-in-charge to ensure fly problem is corrected.

12/28/2009 100-A

5/7/2009 98-A

Seals and inside of prep cooler should be cleaned.

Reattach stainless steel to back on prep table

1/27/2009 99-A

Door handle to walk in cooler should be cleaned.

Reattach stainless steel to back on prep table.

9/17/2008 84-A

Documented time for sauce held at room temperature exceeds time allowed by regulations.

Person in charge not aware of employee health policy.

Vents should be cleaned.

6/6/2008 91-A

Product assessment required to exceed 4-hour limit for time as a public health control.

12/17/2007 97-A

Computer keyboard over prep cooler should be cleaned.

Seal hand wash sink to wall. Repeat

10/18/2007 98


All hand wash sinks in facility, including bathroom, must be sealed to wall.

Broken and missing light shields should be replaced.

Other previous violations were corrected.

9/26/2007 78

Prep sink in back area not clean to sight and touch. Repeat

Cut table must be repaired to be smooth and easily cleanable. Repeat

Employee restroom must be thoroughly cleaned. Repeat

Inside of make table where drainage lines are located must be thoroughly cleaned to remove significant of old food debris

Hand wash sink in rear not accessible.

Missing ceiling tile must be replaced.

Vents in kitchen must be cleaned.

Sanitizer for 3-comp sink not at proper concentration. Should be 200-400 ppm Quat.

5/4/2007 93

Prep sink must be cleaned

Cut table must be repaired so that it is smooth and easily cleanable.

Employee restroom must be thoroughly cleaned.

All storage must be 6 inches off floor.

5/12/2006 94



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