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Week of Score Noted Violations
10/4/2016 99-A

Food and nonfood-contact surfaces cleanable, properly designed, constructed, and used

Nonfood-contact surfaces clean

9/14/2015 81-B

1. Observed numerous food items in the reach-in cooler not covered. Food in storage must be covered. The items were covered at time of inspection.

2. Observed cook chopping pork. The used cutting board was rinsed in the meat sink, then placed on counter. The cutting board must be washed, rinsed and sanitized. The board was moved to the dish area to be cleaned properly. Repeat Violation.

3. Observed cooked clams in the reach-in cooler at 54F. The manager stated that parts were coming for the unit and other items in the cooler were non-potentially hazardous food. The clams were discarded.

4. Observed employee come in from outside with a bowl of basil leaves and place on the prep cooler for use. He was stopped and told that he must first wash the basil. It is permissible to grow the basil outside, but it must still be washed before use. The basil disappeared but no one would state where it went, even after being asked numerous times.

5. Observed cooked chicken stored in a cardboard eggroll box in the walk-in cooler. Cardboard boxes cannot be used for food storage since they cannot be washed, rinsed and sanitized. The chicken was moved to a food container.

3/31/2015 92-A

1. Observed cook chop raw chicken and then rinse cutting board in the meat sink and place on counter. Cutting boards must be washed, rinsed and sanitized. The board was moved to the dish area to be cleaned properly.

2. Numerous food items not covered in storage. All food must be covered. Containers were covered with plastic wrap.

3. Observed cook washing hands in the vegetable sink. This sink is for washing vegetables and can be used for no other purpose.

4. The fans in the walk-in cooler had dust and mold on them. Clean the fans.

10/28/2014 94-A

Requested Re-inspection

1. Observed baking powder in a container that was not labeled. After removing food from an original container, it must be labeled with common name unless it is easily identifiable. Baking powder was labeled. Repeat Violation.

2. The most current inspection report not posted. The inspection report must be posted at all times. Repeat Violation.

10/17/2014 83-B

1. The handles for the hand wash sink, soap dispenser and paper towel holder had grime on them. Clean the dispensers.

2. Observed several cans with significant damage on the seals. Cans held to be sent back to the supplier must be segregated from cans for use. The cans were segregated.

3. A grocery bag with dried mustard powder in it was not labeled. Always label powders when removed from original container and use a food grade container.

4. Observed crawfish thawing on the drain board of the meat sink. To properly thaw it must be in a container with cold water continuously spilling over the edge or in a refrigerator.

5. Food stored on floor in both the walk-in cooler and freezer. Food storage must be 6" off the floor. Repeat Violation.

6. Observed cook washing hands in the vegetable sink. This sink can only be used for washing vegetables.

7. Inspection report not posted. The most recent inspection report must be posted at all times.

8. Observed knife stored in crevice between 2 coolers. The knife must be stored on a clean surface. The knife was removed to clean.

9. Rice noodles in a container that is not food grade. Must use white food grade containers for food storage.

5/5/2014 88-B

1. Observed egg rolls at 65F. Potentially hazardous food must be held at 41F or below. The egg rolls were discarded. Keep all PHF in the cooler or in an ice bath for ease of use.

2. Noodles in a container that was not clean. The plastic had eroded to the point that it was fuzzy and could not be cleaned properly. Discard containers that are not smooth and easily cleanable.

11/21/2013 94-A

1. Observed can with significant damage on the seals. Damaged cans to be sent back to supplier must be segregated from cans for use.

2. Open bag of rice. After opening, food must be put in a sealed food grade container. Food stored on floor in walk in cooler and freezer. Food storage must be 6" off the floor.

6/18/2013 90-A

1. Raw chicken stored over raw carrots and cabbage in the walk in cooler. Raw chicken over zucchini in prep cooler. The chicken was in a sealed container and did not appear to contaminate the produce Never store raw potentially hazardous food over ready-to-eat food.

2. Employee jacket was observed on top of the dry storage shelving. Employee items must be stored separately from food and food service equipment.

1/9/2013 95-A

Required Re-inspection

1. Observed raw frozen chicken thawing at room temperature. To properly thaw it must be in the cooler or under cold running water in the meat sink. The chicken was placed under cold running water.

2. Rice noodles in gray trash can (used exclusively for noodles). This container is not made from food grade plastic. Use food grade containers for food storage. Usually "trash can" like containers for bulk food storage are white.

1/3/2013 72-C

1. Observed employee restock the cooler with raw chicken, touching it with his hands. The employee returned to cooking without first washing his hands. After touching raw meat, employees must wash hands before changing tasks.

2. Observed employee put freshly cooked chicken nuggets into a cardboard box that had previously held raw chicken. This is a form of cross contamination. The cooked chicken was placed back in the fryer to ensure that any pathogens from the box were eliminated.

3. Several potentially hazardous food items were on the counter instead of the cooler for ease of use. Beef slices at 50F, chicken at 68F and eggrolls at 48F. The chicken at 68F was discarded and the other items were placed in cold storage. If PHF must be on the counter during busy times, it must be placed in an ice bath to ensure proper cold holding of 41F or below.

4. Cardboard throughout the facility was reused for food storage. Never reuse cardboard boxes for storage since it is not smooth and easily cleanable.

8/14/2012 95-A

1. Chlorine sanitizer for ware washing at 0 ppm. Air was in the line and was corrected.

2. Clean the rice steamer around the edge.

3/27/2012 80-B

1. Both the walk-in cooler and a prep cooler had potentially hazardous food at 48 and 47F., respectively. The units were turned down at time of inspection. The person-in-charge must monitor temperatures to ensure proper cold holding.

2. Cooked duck and chicken not date marked. All prepared PHF must be date marked.

3. Observed a bottle of degreaser and equipment sprayed with the degreaser in the vegetable sink. Chemicals must never be used in the vegetable sink.

4. Employees preparing food without a hair restraint. Hair restraints must always be worn when preparing food.

10/19/2011 95-A

(requested re-inspection)

1. Observed employee drinking from an open beverage container in a food preparation or other restricted area. All employee drinks must have a lid and straw.

2. Numerous food scoops without handles. All food scoops must have a handle and the handle must extend out of the food product.

10/4/2011 81-B

1. Cooked, potentially hazardous food, not cooled from 135F to 70F within 2 hours. Cooked chicken was cooling at room temperature on the counter. The chicken was discarded. For PHF to be properly cooled, it must be actively chilled with an ice bath or in shallow containers once the food reaches 136F. The person-in-charge must ensure proper cooling methods are utilized. Corrected on-site.

2. Observed several cans with significant damage on the seals. These cans must be segregated from cans to be used, and sent back to the supplier. Corrected on-site.

3. Numerous containers of rice cooling in the walk-in cooler stacked on top of each other. To properly cool, the containers must be separated and the lid left ajar until the food reaches 41F. Then the containers may be stacked. Corrected on-site.

4. Wet wiping cloth not stored in sanitizing solution between uses.

5. The vent fans in the walk-in cooler should be cleaned to remove build-up.

6/3/2011 91-A

1. Salmon for sushi from Tru-Foods states on the invoice that it may contain parasites and must be cooked or frozen before consumption. The freezer is capable of -2F and the salmon was frozen, but not dated. Based on the invoice dates it appears that the salmon is received every 2 weeks, so, therefore has been frozen for the correct period of time. It must be dated to insure that the salmon that is pulled from the freezer has been there for the required 7 days. Also, keep record of freezer temperature to insure it is at -2F or below.

2. Need thermometers for the prep coolers.

3. Observed pans and bags of sugar stored in the mop sink. Never store food or food service equipment in the mop sink. Corrected on-site.

4. Raw fruits/vegetables not washed prior to preparation. Observed employee taking broccoli from box, cutting it, then placing it in container for storage. Vegetables must be washed before being cut.

11/10/2010 96-A

Wet wiping cloth not stored in sanitizing solution between uses.

Cardboard used as a shelf liner. Cardboard was removed at time of inspection.

Shelving in walk-in cooler should be cleaned.

6/7/2010 93-A

Consumer advisory for raw/undercooked animal products does not meet current regulations. The lettering must be in all capital letters and the items that it pertains to must be marked with an asterisk. There must be an asterisk by the advisory. During the previous inspection this was noted and no points were deducted to allow time to correct. It had not been corrected. Person-in-charge to ensure the advisory meets current regulations.

Failure to maintain freezing records on nonexempt fish for 90 days. These records must be kept at the facility. Must fax records to office.

12/21/2009 93-A

Wet wiping cloths must be stored in sanitizing solution between uses.

No date marking on prepared food in cooler. Date mark all prepared potentially hazardous food and discard no later that 7 days from preparation.

8/21/2009 96-A

Boxes of delivered food on floor with standing water. Elevate the boxes to ensure that food products are protected from contamination.

Clean seals on prep coolers.

5/4/2009 91-A

Potentially hazardous food not held at proper temperature. Cold holding must be at 41F or below.

8/11/2008 95-A

Ice for consumption cannot be used to store food items.

In use utensils cannot be stored in water unless it is maintained at 135F or above.

4/7/2008 81-B

Hand washing sink not accessible.

Potentially hazardous food not held at proper temperature. Spring rolls at 62F must be 41F or below.

Repair hot water at hand washing sink.

No date marking procedure in place for ready to eat prepared potentially hazardous food.

11/26/2007 90

All chemicals must be labeled.

Potentially hazardous food not held at proper temperature. Egg rolls and chicken on counter at room temperature. Must be 41F or below.

Wipe cloths must be stored in sanitizing solution. Repeat

Cans with significant dents on seal or seam of can cannot be used.

7/13/2007 88

Lights in dry storage must be shatterproof or shielded.

Potentially hazardous food not held at proper temperature. Spring roll with shrimp at 71, cooked chicken at 70 must be 41 degrees F or below.

Employees preparing food must wear hair restraints.

Utensils and plates must be protected from contamination; cannot preset plates and flatware.

Wipe cloths must be stored in sanitizing solution.

1/4/2007 86

Raw meat stored on clean dishtable surface

Wipe clothes stored outside of sanitizer solution

Improper thawing of potentially hazardous foods at room temperature

8/1/2006 73



Jasper, Georgia in Pickens County in the North Georgia Mountains
Blaine, Hinton, Jasper, Ludville, Marble Hill, Nelson, Talking Rock & Tate GA

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