Pickens County Animal Shelter

Pickens County Animal Shelter

Tuesday- Friday:
12 noon – 5 pm,
will not accept incoming
animals after 4:30 pm.

Saturday: 11 am-3 pm,
will not accept incoming
animals after 1 pm.

Pickens County Animal Shelter
3563 Camp Rd
Jasper, GA 30143


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Find your next pet at the Shelter.
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If your dog is brought to the shelter, the waiting period is 5 days with no chip or id tags and 10 days with id tags or chip. If you've lost your dog, please check with the shelter.


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Odoban - Disinfectant (Home Depot)
Dawn Liquid Soap
Velocity Dryer
Grooming Aprons
Floor Cushions for Bathing Tubs
Dog Shampoo
Dog Deodorizing Spray
Tape Worm Medicine
Capstar Flea Tablets - all sizes (flea treatment)
Ear Flush
Kennels - Dog and Cat and Cardboard Cat Carriers
Hanging Bowls for Cat Cages (www.Petedge.com)
Toys - Dog & Cat, Scratching Posts, Cat Tree
Bedding - Small Plush Beds, Cat Caves & Blankets
Small litter boxes and poop scoop sets
Puppy Pads
Exercise Pens
Food - Puppy and Kitten, canned adult

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  • Bella is American Craftsmanship (8/18/2016)
    Please enjoy responsibly
    5 years and 55 pounds of American craftsmanship have gone into creating Bella. Bella was crafted by nature using only the finest ingredients and ag...

  • Join Stella’s Relaxation Revolution (7/25/2016)

    Four year old, 55 pound Stella seeks a soul mate who also appreciates the finer art of chillaxing. Top off that cup of coffee, throw on your bathro...

  • Keep Things Simple and Adopt Jeff (7/25/2016)

    You prefer to keep things simple. Your lunch comes from the deli, your lawn is mowed by a service, all your dishes are paper, and mom still does y...

  • Sophie and Sackett Assessed by a Certified Dog Trainer (7/20/2016)

    They tested well with cats and should do well with other dogs and children. They both were described as good on a leash, gentle, and friendly. 12 y...

  • Free Rex From The Animal Shelter (7/13/2016)

    Rex has been incarcerated at overcrowded Pickens County Animal Shelter since January of this year. This 5 year old, 53 pound felon has proven to be...

  • Incomplete Life? Rusty is the Answer! (7/13/2016)

    Does your married, home owner, 2.5 child life still feel incomplete? Do you miss the pitter patter of little feet? Are you the only pet free home o...

  • Pick Up Ernie on Your Way Home (6/10/2016)

    Your wife called. She wants you to pick up Ernie on your way home tonight. Ernie is a fetching, 30 pound, neutered, brindle Labrador mix waiting fo...

  • Do You Have Room For Marie? (6/10/2016)

    Little nub tailed Marie came to PCAS on April 19 testing positive for heart worms. Marie had very little hope of living a full happy life, but the goo...

  • Adopt Mutt for America (6/10/2016)

    Are you a salt of the earth, fried chicken and apple pie eating, flag waving American? Would you opt for a bass boat over a yacht? Is your idea...

  • FREE LOVE (5/25/2016)

    Donnie will be dispensing free love to the first qualified PCAS customer. Donnie is a handsome, 2 year old, neutered male with a life time of love ...

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