Hill City Elementary 'Sleeping Beauty'
Pickens High School Performing Arts Center ~ May 6, 2016

Photos and article by Eileen Steinhauer

Everyone was wide awake during this year’s Hill City Elementary production of “Sleeping Beauty,” which took place last Friday at the Pickens High School Performing Arts Center.

Including students from kindergarten through fifth grade, the play featured 58 students in various roles from gentry in the castle, to ghouls, and animals in the forest.

The play was directed by Hill City parent Eileen Steinhauer, who was assisted by Hill City teachers Suzanne Hardison, Brandi McEntire, and Ginny Perren.

Students began rehearsing in January and attended rehearsal once and twice a week for four months. The students did an outstanding job memorizing their lines, learning how to come on and off stage, and getting into character.

Hill City would like to extend a special thank you to all of our parent and community support including Natasha Johnson, Misty Johnson, Alison Talbot, Jincy Bufford, Ross Galbreath, Karen Hawkins, Ann Reece, Amy Rice, C.J. Tritt, and Village Cleaners. Hill City would also like to thank all of our teachers and staff and Pickens High School theatre students for all of their help during the event.

Hill City Elementary Sleeping Beauty Cast List

Morgana ~ Maggie Bufford
Aurora ~ Hannah Grizzle

Three Fairies
Lilac ~ Sheyenne Maney
Daisy ~ Nicole Chuong
Iris ~ Sierra Robertson

Prince Ferdinand ~ Dusty Coleman
King Alfred ~ Fletcher Poole
Queen Beatrice ~ Sammi Boyles
King Edward ~ Matthew Talbot

Grumble ~ Emery Steinhauer
Garish ~ Sigourney Waina
Gunter ~ Ryan Talbot

Duchess of Blusterville ~ Anabelle Jordan
Marquis Louisa ~ Carleigh Canada
Duchess of Dillydally ~ Hope Buchanan
Squire ~ Mitchell Rice
Squire ~ Nathan Johnson

Bibbity ~ Kinsley Hamilton
Ozzy ~ Lensey DeBord
Pasquale ~ Lesley DeBord
Dandy ~ Emily Childers
Chickadee ~ Angela Moore
Robin ~ Brianna Long

Ruby ~ Ellison Steinhauer
Diamond ~ Scarlett Reinhardt
Sapphire ~ Angelina Grizzle
Emerald ~ Amanda Bramlett
Silver ~ Madelyn Johnson

Gold ~ Lily Halko

Young Ferdinand ~ Micah Newton

Lauren Bauer
Katie Collis
Jazzman Evans
Tyee Stuart
Gracelynn Galloway

Jonathan Bauer
Haley Buchanan
Lauren Clough
Alyssa Coleman
Reese Davis
Julie Hermann
Gabby Moutardier
Micah Newton
Madison Phillips-Word
Kadin Stuart
Addi Wigington

Aislynn Bowers
Bella Bruce
Lillie Burton
Ansley Coleman
Landon Coleman Stella Galligan
Caleigh Hoffard
Ellah McEntire
Ryanne Perren
Ryleigh Schmidt
Isaac Tipton
Aubrie Walker
Elli Zeamer

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