Timothy House ministry asking for prayer or financial assistance

Timothy House ministry asking for prayer or financial assistance



Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Timothy House ministry is a non-denominational 36-week, two phase in-house regeneration facility for men with drug and/or alcohol related issues. It offers a unique approach to treatment. The ministry addresses spiritual issues and depends on the healing and delivery power of Jesus Christ. Phase one is 16 weeks in length and is devoted to intensive discipleship classes that teach respect, self-control, love, forgiveness, and accountability based on Godís Word and His laws. In addition to classes, each man is responsible for duties around the facility and work in the community as needs arise or requests are received. Phase two is a 20-week phase where the men are placed in jobs appropriate to their skill set. They return each evening and attend all evening classes and scheduled activities.

We also have a Transitional House that provides housing up to 90 days for men with drug and/or alcohol related issues who are just leaving jail, prison or hard situations and need a place to recover and become stable citizens.

There are several immediate needs as well as some long-term opportunities for support of the ministry. However, we currently have a dire need to provide financial assistance for several of our men who have found their pre-arranged financial support is no longer available. It costs $500 per month to provide housing, food, and spiritual education for each of the men in the ministry (9 months total). Instead of putting a man out for lack of funds we are doing an out- reach to raise money to allow these men to remain within the ministry. One hundred percent of the money designated to the scholarship fund will be used for the menís room and board.

We appreciate your prayers for our ministry and for any financial assistance you can provide our men. Please contact Mark Tope, Director, Marketing and Development for the Timothy House Ministries at 770-899-9502 if you would like to discuss these needs or other ways you would like to be a part of our ministry.

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Please mail contributions to:

Timothy House Ministries
Attn: Mark Tope
P. O. Box 868
Talking Rock, GA 30175

In Christ Name,
Senior Pastor Bob Trowell
Mark Tope, Director, Marketing and Development