Graves To Vote Against President’s Request To Raise Debt Limit



U.S. Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA-09) issued the following statement that he will vote against H.R. 1954, President Obama’s request to increase the debt limit from $14.3 trillion to $16.7 trillion, when it comes before the U.S. House for a vote this evening:

“The debt crisis poses such a serious threat to our economy that I will not support this request from President Obama to raise the debt limit. The federal government has enjoyed an era of unprecedented recklessness, behaving as if the American taxpayers have given it a blank check. It’s long past time to permanently end Washington’s party, and that’s why I joined with others in drafting the 'Cut, Cap and Balance' approach. This is a proposal from the Republican Study Committee to cut the deficit in half next year, cap spending at 18 percent of our gross domestic product, and send a Balanced Budget Amendment to the states.

“The American people work too hard and are taxed too much to be wrongly burdened with debt in excess of $14 trillion. I sincerely hope the President and Senate leaders come back to the negotiating table ready to do the right thing for this country, and pass a proud legacy of fiscal responsibility to future generations of Americans.”