Rep. Graves Earns Club For Growth’s ‘Defender of Economic Freedom’ Award
Graves 1 of 35 Members of Congress Honored for Supporting Economic Growth & Freedom

Rep. Graves Earns Club For Growth’s ‘Defender of Economic Freedom’ Award


Washington, D.C. – The Club for Growth, one of the nation’s leading free-market advocacy organizations with over 55,000 members, announced that U.S. Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA-09) has earned the annual Defender of Economic Freedom award. The award honors Members of Congress who have an exceptional, consistent voting record on economic growth issues.

Rep. Graves, one of just thirty-five members of Congress to receive the award, said, “I appreciate the Club for Growth’s support in the fight for lower taxes, spending cuts, and smaller government. This last year in Congress has reaffirmed my belief that we’ll create jobs and stabilize the economy by getting the government out of the way and passing pro-growth policies that encourage the private sector to expand.”

Said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola, “With his score of 96, and a lifetime score of 96, Congressman Graves has demonstrated that he is on the side of economic freedom not just at election time, but every time. The Club for Growth values Members of Congress who stand on principle over political expediency. The people of Georgia are lucky to have strong, pro-growth representation in Congress.”

To see the Club for Growth’s 2010 scorecard for all members of Congress, visit:

The Club for Growth’s rating is derived from each lawmaker’s voting record on pro-growth policies and takes into account the organization’s policy goals. Every member of Congress is rated on a scale of 0-100, with 100 indicating the best rating on issues pertaining to economic growth and freedom. The Club for Growth’s policy goals include lowering the marginal tax rates, cutting and limiting government spending, repealing the death tax, and regulation reform, among other issues.