The Metal Barn Productions 'My Favorite Memory

The Metal Barn Productions 'My Favorite Memory
Contest winner Ginger Branch

Ginger Branch's Parent
Ginger Branch's Parent


Isn't it amazing how something simple will trigger your memory? And then you just HAVE to tell someone about that memory because it gives you such joy?

Metal Barn Productions hosted a "My Favorite Memory" Contest earlier this month. Contestants submitted a 500 word 'memory' story and photo for a chance to win an $100 cash prize. Ginger Branch was chosen as the winner. Read her story below.

"Memory of the Past" by Ginger Branch

When growing up in the 50s, we did not have electronics as babysitters, not even a television until later years. After dinner, my family would sit in the back yard and watch the clouds in the sky, learn about birdcalls and catch lightning bugs to put in a mayonnaise jar with holes in the lid. My father was a true naturalist in his own right.

My memory that stands out the most in my mind is when Melton Hill Dam, Powell TN, was in the process in the 50s. The University of Tennessee gave my father a section of land where the riverbeds were under construction. We would go out on weekends to dig for Indian relics. My father would take the relics back to UT, they would research, tag and give the relics back to my father.

My mother would make coffee on a Coleman Stove in the trunk of our car. Water was in a Mason jar with ice and wrapped in newspapers for insulation. Today, I would put that water jar up against the Yeti anytime! We would take peanut butter sandwiches wrapped in wax paper for our lunch.

I was about 8 years old. I had a little shovel and would dig and dig looking for an arrowhead or burial site. My father told me to look for flint and an arrowhead would be close by. My father found numerous burial sites. He dug up a set of twins and my son still has the shell necklaces that were around their necks.

To this day I have a human skull intact with some teeth that had been executed I presume since it has a hole in the side of its head. My father found numerous arrowheads, flint, quartz, and stone work tools.

Nature has always been my love. I took my grandson hiking when he was small. We had our hiking sticks and stopped to rest. He looked at me and said Mimi, I just want to sit and wrap myself around nature. At that point, I knew exactly what he was saying. I have wrapped myself around nature since I was born. What a wonderful way for that little boy to express exactly how I have felt all these years.

Metal Barn Productions is going to run this contest every quarter, so you'll have another chance to enter in June 2017. Email for more information.