Have a Cup Coffee at the Jasper Farmer Market

Have a Cup Coffee at the Jasper Farmer Market
Richard and Kebra Lillibridge, Red Bean Harvest

4/13/2017 ~ by Darla Huffman

Red Bean Harvest, one of the new vendors at the market this week, is a part time business of Richard and Kebra Lillibridge. They have been roasting and selling coffee for a couple of years and we are very pleased that they have decided to expand their business to include the Jasper Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. Hot tea will be coming soon and iced coffee for the summer. They sell the beans whole or ground as well as a hot cup to drink as you shop or stop to chat. (A major pursuit at this friendly market.)

Another new thing you could take home from the market; pork or vegetable tamales. They would be frozen so you would have to wait until you could get to an oven before you could eat.

But Mila and Rosiís authentic south of the boarder cooking would be worth the wait. They also had an assortment of different kinds of breads for sale.

Some of the farmers market vendors were there to raise money for good causes and both the park and the other parking lot were having fund raising events. Nice to live in a town where caring and compassion are so evident.

The Jasper Farmers Market is a project of the Pickens County Master Gardeners. The Spring and Summer Season takes place every Saturday morning (April through October) and Wednesday morning (June through August) from 7:30 am to 12 noon in the Park n Ride lot at Lee Newton Park on Hwy 53 in Jasper, with the exception of the July 4 and Marble Festival activities and. For more information call the County Extension Office at 706 253 8840.