Tea Party Talk
Meeting on Tuesday, April 25th


Tea Party Talk


Double your knowledge of important issues of the day at our next Tea Party meeting. We have TWO guest speakers who will continue to bring news that is important to all Pickens County citizens.

Jeff Anderson, Board of Director member of GeorgiaCarry.org will update us on legislation and Second Amendment matters. Jeff grew up in Alpharetta, Georgia, and now lives in the mountains of Pickens County which he came to love after weekend trips there as a child. He is a self-employed carpenter who learned the trade alongside his father building cabinets and custom homes.

When he first obtained a carry license at the age of 21, he called his best friend (a police officer) to let him know. His friend chuckled and said, ďHave you read the back of it? That thing ainít worth the paper itís printed on.Ē From that time on, his gun was in the glove box of each vehicle he owned until an incident in 2008 that ingrained in him the need to carry.

A quick internet search to see if anything had changed in the past decade and half in the Georgia gun laws turned up GeorgiaCarry.org. The laws had not changed, but they were about to as GCO passed its first bill shortly thereafter. Jeff joined GCO and soon became a Life Member. He has spoken for GCO at several political meetings across North Georgia and was able to get free airplay for a radio ad he recorded on over a dozen stations. He is active in recruiting, particularly during fall festival season when he manages tables for several events.

Jeff and his wife Janet enjoy hiking, golf, and travel. In his early twenties he walked eight hundred miles of the Appalachian Trail. He also enjoys mountain biking, motorcycling, and showing off pictures of his granddaughter.

Alex Johnson, President of Georgia Republican Assembly and candidate for Georgia GOP Chairman will tell us about the GRA and his efforts to be the next Georgia GOP Chairman.

Alex became formally involved in the Republican Party while in college, when he helped re-found the Oglethorpe University College Republicans in 2003, supporting the re-election of George W. Bush. After law school at Georgia State University, Alex ran for State Senate in District 41, receiving over 40% of the vote in a Democratic district. Alex has served as Chairman of the DeKalb County Young Republicans, legal counsel for the DeKalb GOP, and as Chairman or in leadership roles of multiple-non political organizations. Alex lives in Dunwoody, Georgia, with his wife, Rachel.

Please join us as your Tea Party continues its mission to educate, inform, and motivate all local citizens. Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 25, 2017, at Chattahoochee Technical College, 100 Campus Drive, Jasper, Ga. Meet and Greet will begin at 6:30 PM, with our program beginning at 7:00 PM. For further information, please email penny.barker22@gmail.com.