Pickens County Board of Education May 2017


I. Call to Order
II. Invocation
III. Pledge of Allegiance
IV. Approval of Agenda
V. Spotlight on Student and Employee Achievement
A. Charlie Gibbs Wins "Best in Fair" at Georgia Social Studies Fair (S. Layman)
B. Joseph Adams - All-State Chorus 2017 (P. Fowler)
C. Emma Long Wins FFA State Talent Contest (P. Fowler)
D. Perfect Attendance Award (S. Cantrell)
E. Elementary STEM Day Competition, (C. Thompson)
F. Pickens High School CTSO Competition Results (C. Flatt)
G. "Shake It Up" Student Chef Competition (B. Thompson)
H. Lunchroom Staff Recognitions (B. Thompson)
I. National School Nurse Day (S. Cantrell & K. Parker)
J. Recognition of the Pickens County School System 2017 Retirees (R. Goble)
VI. Consent Agenda
A. Approval of Surplus
B. Approval of Minutes
C. Approval of Pickens County Middle School Band Out-Of-State Trip to Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL
VII. Superintendent Reports
A. Financial Update (A. Smith)
B. Operations & Construction (S. Gilleland)
C. Attendance Update (S. Cantrell)
D. DRAFT 2017-18 Student Code of Conduct for Public Review (S. Cantrell)
E. Policy GAN - Tobacco Free Schools Proposal (S. Cantrell & K. Parker)
F. Hill City Elementary School - 2017 Title I Reward School (L. Wallace)
G. Policy IHE - Promotion and Retention Proposal (L. Wallace)
H. Overview of Graduation Ceremony at Pickens High School (C. Flatt)
VIII. Action Items
A. Revision of Policy AD - School Attendance Areas (May 11)
B. Revision of Policy GAN - Tobacco Free Schools (June 15)
C. Revision of Policy IHE - Promotion and Retention (June 15)
IX. Executive Session
X. Approval of Executive Session Minutes
XI. Approval of Personnel, Pending
XII. Board Comments
XIII. Adjourn