Notice to Animal Lovers in Pickens County


7/10/2017 ~ by Peggie Bauer

Judy Moody, assistant director of the Pickens County Animal Shelter was fired in mid-June by our illustrious commissioner, Rob Jones. When she was hired in January 2014 she found the shelter in deplorable condition. Euthanizing countless numbers of animals, the shelter had become known as “the kill on the hill”. Judy persuaded several no-kill shelters (such as the Cherokee Humane and the Forsyth Humane societies) to take many of our animals for adoption. Judy removed the cats from their cramped cages and placed them in an open room with lots of beds and toys where they could play and people could play with them. The shelter became a no-kill shelter. Using the money donated to Judy and her husband’s organization called “Partners for Pickens Pets, Inc”, she was able to save even more animals at the shelter.

When Dudley Casey (who worked in the service department at Lawson Chevrolet for 20+ years) was found dead in his home in Roswell at Christmas, his nine-year old cat, Sissy, escaped outdoors. A month later, she was seen on his porch completely emaciated. She was taken to Judy immediately. Judy injected the cat with fluids and worked diligently to save the starving and traumatized cat. She even placed the cat in the shelter’s newly established “quiet room” (where a radio plays soothing music). Sissy survived and was adopted by Peggie Bauer.

In mid-June, an injured 12-week-old kitten was found in the Rocco’s Pub parking lot and rushed to Judy. Judy administered antibiotics and worked on the kitten’s severe injury to its lip. (Apparently, two kitten belonging to the Matt Chastain family had been left outdoors and had crawled into the Chastain’s car engine compartment. They actually rode to Roccos inside the engine compartment! The Chastain’s spotted one of the kittens in the parking lot but did not see the other one. Later on, someone else found the other one in the lot and took it to Judy. ) As soon as Judy posted the kitten for adoption on Facebook, it was adopted. After the Matt Chastain family saw their kitten on Facebook, they demanded that the already-adopted kitten be returned to them. Matt Chastain’s father, who works in the Jasper government, complained to Rob Jones about the kitten. Jones fired Judy (even though the kitten was returned) stating that her “services were no longer needed”. That was a very bad move on his part. Without Judy, the shelter will return to its already proven deplorable condition. Cats will be stuffed back into cages and due to overcrowding, cats and dogs will be euthanized again. The “Kill on the hill” will be in force again. All thanks to Rob Jones. Apparently, he does not care.

See “Protect Pickens Pets” on Facebook if you want more information. Call Rob Jones at 706-253-8809 and tell him to reinstate Judy Moody. His email is:

Please, please join us at the upcoming protest on July 24th (along Highway 53 towards town). Bring a sign and come to the staging area at the Burger King at 11:15. (If it looks like impending rain, we will meet on the following day at the Burger King.) Call Peggie at 770 735-2696 for more info or look at the Facebook site. Also join us at the next commissioners’ meeting at 10:00 am on July 20 to confront Rob Jones directly.