Escape Your World Into Our Art – Digital Escape, Inc. Presents The Gallery on South Main

Escape Your World Into Our Art – Digital Escape, Inc. Presents The Gallery on South Main


Imagine how it would be to take a break from the normal pace of your life, always in fast forward, and walk into a brand new world that makes everything stand still. For this precious moment in time, you will be free to explore new horizons and landscapes, find beauty in originality, and venture into the creative and mind-bending art done by artists near and far. You may even be inspired to dabble a bit in your favorite art medium and bring your special and unique art piece in to share with the world for others to escape into..

Welcome to Jasper’s new art gallery on 35 Main Street! Owners Jeremy and Christi Byers are taking in art of all sorts, including drawings, paintings, photography, sculpture, jewelry and more.. They are also bringing in home décor such as antiques, homemade blankets and quilts, books, and unique gift items. Feel free to come and browse or bring in your own creations to sell. Artists have the option to rent wall space or be in on commission, it is their choice!

Jeremy Byers and Christi Byers are artists and partners of Digital Escape, Inc. Jeremy Byers is a local Georgia photographer that has a passion for all types of photography, especially nature. He enjoys digitally manipulating his art to reflect deeper meaning through various methods and approaches, for example by digitally aging and/or overexposing photos. Christi Byers is also a local Georgia artist that relies on expressing herself by splashing oil or acrylic paint on canvas, running pencil or charcoal across a page, and/or taking digital photographs. She delights in using all different types of art media to capture a thought or feeling.