What Can I Expect When Enrolling in a DUI/Risk Reduction Class?

 What Can I Expect When Enrolling in a DUI/Risk Reduction Class?

8/8/2017 ~ by Osa Martens

In the State of Georgia anyone who gets a DUI/Alcohol or DUI/Drugs (including arrests that were dropped to Reckless Driving) is mandated to attend a DUI/Risk Reduction program Prime for Life.

You can expect to be treated with confidentiality, empathy and understanding, this is built into the Prime for Life Program. It is a research based curriculum that allows one to understand problems created by alcohol or drug use and how it has played a role in their lives.

Just what is Prime for Life?

Prime for Life in Georgia is a 20 hour class generally presented in three days, usually it is a Friday or a Monday evening plus all day Saturday and Sunday.

Okay, but what do I need to do to attend Prime for Life?

Here are the steps to register for a DUI/Risk Reduction Class:

- Locate the school of your choice – you can do this by visiting the Georgia
Department of Drivers Services website: dds.georgia.gov click on regulated programs; a drop box will appear, and then click on DUI or Risk Reduction.

- Next scroll down to DUI Schools; click on Certified DUI Schools and a list will come up from which you may choose.

- You will then need to go to the school you have selected and register by completing a Needs Survey/assessment 130 question personal questionnaire. (The fee for this is $100.00 and set by the Georgia State Legislature).

- You will select the class you wish to attend (you must attend class at the same school where you completed the Needs Survey). At time of registration or the class start date you will need to pay the remainder of $255.00 for the class and workbook (also set by the Georgia State Legislature).

What do I need to do to successfully complete the class?

You need to be punctual there are no late admissions per the law. Attend the entire class as agreed to (depending on the school’s schedule). Be attentive and participate in class discussions and activities. Then Pass a written test given at the end of the program.

How do I prove my successful attendance and completion?

Each school is required to provide you with a certificate of completion at the end of class (South Cherokee/Jasper provides two, one for court or probation, and one for DDS if needed).

Why South Cherokee/Jasper Driver Improvement Clinic for my class?

We are a family owned certified driving school providing services to Woodstock and surrounding areas since 1980. Our DUI/Risk Reduction instructors are also State certified and trained in Prime for Life. All of our instructors enjoy facilitating the class and assisting people.

We offer classes once per month in our Jasper location and every weekend in Woodstock. Presently we now offer one class three consecutive Mondays each quarter. The state requires a minimum of five prepaid students before allowing any school to hold a class.

We advise anyone to sign up and attend the school of your choice as soon as possible, guaranteeing a successful completion before the anticipated court date or as required by probation.

You can preregister with PayPal on line at www.SouthCherokee.com; just visit our website: click on the DUI button and read all about us and enroll.

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