Ryan O'Dea Announces Candidacy For Jasper City Council
Pledge to help make Jasper better by complimenting our future with our past


Ryan O'Dea Announces Candidacy For Jasper City Council

10/3/2017 ~ by Ryan O'Dea

I am pleased and honored to announce my candidacy for City Council of the City of Jasper.

Having lived in many places throughout my life due to my father’s changing employment needs during my childhood, and later on due to my service in the United States Air Force and the National Guard, I am happy to say that for the first time in my life I have found my permanent home right here in Jasper, GA. There is no other place I’d rather be than in this quiet and friendly community that I feel is the shining example of Southern charm. I may not have been born and raised here but I feel like this is only contributes to my deep appreciation for the unique qualities of this city that I have found do not exist elsewhere and there is no other place that I would rather raise my children.

I feel strongly about this community and for the past 15 years I have been giving back through both my church and fire service. I have been a volunteer fire fighter for 13 years serving alongside some of the best, kindhearted people there are. I have volunteered through the various community activities that Mt. Zion Baptist Church offers as well as in the community sports programs.

During my campaign and hope election, I will be concentrating on five core topics. These core topics are what I feel to be the basic areas that we need to improve upon in order for our city to get out of the past while bringing our core values and traditions into the future city I know we can be.

First, I will focus on our need to bring people into the city and keep people from having to go to other cities for basic needs and entertainment. Businesses need to be enticed to come to Jasper and Pickens County to provide us with better entertainment for both youth and adults alike as well as satisfy the need for quality jobs and revenue. We need to build parks that kids and adults will enjoy, plan more family activities and events, improve and expand the JYSA program and bring more arts and music to into the community.

Second, it is important to bring a much needed ethical, just, and balanced form of government to Jasper to ensure checks and balances in the operations of our government at all levels.

Third, there needs to be more fair and open budget. All departments should have access to the finances they need in order to maintain all of the city’s services while keeping those departments accountable for their expenditures.

Fourth, we need to improve upon our public safety. It is the responsibility of public safety personnel services to keep us safe and secure in our community; however they are one of the lowest paid employees in the area for their field and they perform their jobs with subpar equipment. When the need does arise, these are the men and women that we call upon for aid and it is our responsibility to provide them with the needed resources so they can carry out these duties.

Finally, improvements need to be made in regards to the efficiency of the city. It is important that equipment improvements are made and that we better maintain city properties, parks, and infrastructure. As needed we must provide the necessary training for city personnel to both use and maintain this equipment to ensure that they stay operational for the long haul.

I believe that the foundation of any thriving community should include education, the arts, shopping, recreation and a good infrastructure to support the community. If we want to attract strong companies to the area with better jobs, increased revenue and better living conditions we must work to enhance and expand these categories.

I understand that I am but one vote among the council members however this vote will be looking after your needs not as a politician but as a working class citizen of Jasper.

I look forward to a positive campaign, meeting citizens, and tackling challenges.

For more information on Mr. O’Dea, please visit Facebook page Ryan O’Dea for City Council.