Doug Patterson Announces Candidacy for Jasper City Council
“We Need Real People Taking Care of Real Problems”


Doug Patterson Announces Candidacy for Jasper City Council

10/10/2017 ~ by Doug Patterson

As your Councilman, I will be the true ear for the citizens of Jasper. I will actually listen to the concerns and needs of each of you. Not simply push my own agenda. I am not a politician. I am one of us. I have lived here my entire life. I am very honored and proud to call Jasper home. I made the decision to raise my children here, and I hope one day my children make the same choice. That is why I am running for council, to protect Jasper for your children and mine.

My Plan if Elected to Jasper City Council:

1. Common Sense Government
It’s most important to work with the existing business and potential new businesses by simplifying the permit requirement process, and fees for opening and managing a business here. I also believe taxes should not go up on the residents of this town. The city has done a good job not overburdening our hardworking citizens. If elected I will ensure our property tax burden will not go up. Our families do the best with the budgets they have, so should our government.

2. Parks and Recreation
As a resident of Arbor Hills, I want to see Doris Wigington Park (the nature park north of town), become a place for families to gather and have picnics. I want to see better lit pathways. Also, I would like to see it become a place for local Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts to camp, and have their nature walks instead of venturing out of the county. The park was originally designed as golf cart accessible, connecting the park to downtown and the neighborhoods around it; I want to see that vision come to life. It is a beautiful resource we need to use. I can remember when there were no city parks and no ball fields. Volunteers such as myself and many others over the years have, worked hard to make dreams like J.Y.S.A. a reality. If elected to City Council, I want to help make them even better, while preserving our “Down Home” way of life.

3. Downtown
Let’s bring life back to downtown Jasper. Our town is beautiful, let’s use this resource. My family enjoyed the City sponsored festivals and concerts that happened regularly in downtown just a few years ago. Let’s work to bring those back. The perfect place for future events is the green space where Roper Hospital used to be. I believe a clean cost efficient amphitheater for concerts and other community events would be a great choice. Trees and weeds in downtown should be managed by a quality street department. I will work to ensure our best are on that crew.

4. Education and Job Growth
I want to show the younger generation they make a difference in our community. I went to school here and I am proud of that. I want to work with the local school systems and Chattahoochee Technical College. I want to work towards bringing back technical courses (classes I took myself) that better suit the citizens of our area, and draw more technical jobs, such as welding, nursing and computer technology. A well trained workforce draws the type of businesses that create well-paying jobs. I believe the City government can work to make this happen.

5. Infrastructure
The City of Jasper is the only governmental entity in the county that offers sewage treatment. The City also provides most of the treated water for our county as well. Water and sewer is critical to bringing business to our community. If elected I will work with council to help upgrade that system, so this town and our county can continue to grow in the 21st Century.

6. Emergency Services
If elected I will ensure that the City of Jasper provides the best Fire and Police protection in North Georgia.

7. Working Together with Other Council Members Works Better than Fighting.
I will work with the other council members as a team, instead of arguing and fighting and holding up more important issues that need to be addressed. Since my opponent went on the Council this past January I have noticed this very problem. I want the Council, as a team, to continue the good work it has been conducting in the past.

I am Doug Patterson, a real man who wants to bring real common sense solutions to our beloved City. If you elect me, I promise I will give you my absolute best. I respectfully ask for your vote on November 7th.

Thank You,
Doug Patterson