One More Weekend To See 'The Savannah Sipping Society'


One More Weekend To See 'The Savannah Sipping Society'


You have only one more weekend to see Tater Patch Players' delightful Jones Hope Wooten comedy, The Savannah Sipping Society. This play focuses on four women, each of whom has come to a point in her life where she is adrift. One is widowed, one divorced, one suddenly unemployed and one faced with the loss of her last family member.

We can predict lonely futures for each of them, but instead they find each other. So begins a series of adventures and conversations, each funnier than the last that help these four let go of their fears, and really enjoy life. Many of us have been in the same place and experienced changes in our lives that cast us adrift. This delightful play shows how laughter, friendship, and maybe an occasional adult beverage, can lift us up and set us back on the road to a full, happy life.

Director Audrey Kirsten saw the world premiere of this play in a theater in Buford. She immediately told her Tater Patch Players family about it and presented it up as a possible show for this year. When it was put on the calendar, she was ready to go and set about choosing a perfect cast.

Jincy Bufford returns to the stage after many years of raising family and following her career. She plays Miranda, the logical career woman. Illogically, Miranda is passed over for a major promotion and then scuttles her own future career. She starts searching for a new job and a better life and finds, instead, Dot, played by Jan Simpson, and Marlafaye, played by Lynn Sandlin. These two invite themselves to Miranda's lovingly restored Savannah home, with its welcoming verandah.

We learn that Marlafaye, played by Lynn Sandlin, is a tough talking Texan who has recently divorced her two-timing husband and escaped to Savannah to start over. But Lynn shows us how hard that really is for a woman who's past her prime. Dot on the other hand is a recent widow. She and her husband retired to Savannah to begin their dream life, and he promptly died, leaving her to try to complete that dream alone. She's a very near-sighted retired French teacher who lives in a world of books and memories. She invites Jinx, a beauty consultant who has decided to become a life-coach, to their gathering. Jinx is played by Kim Martin, who brings this wandering gypsy character to life before our eyes.

These four actresses -- Jincy, Lynn, Jan and Kim -- have taken on large roles and mastered them. The four characters are alive, believable, poignant at times, and hilarious at others. The audiences have laughed with every new scheme, prank, and joke that these four characters have devised. There have been quiet moments too, as the characters reflect on their futures and pasts. But each time there is a positive, and often laughable, moment of hope.

After the show, meeting the cast, audience members have said "You're just like my sister" or "I felt like that once".

Tater Patch Players urges you to take the opportunity to see one of the final three performances. October 13 and 14 are at 7:30 and the final matinee, October 15, is at 2PM. Tickets are $18 for adults, $16 for seniors and $14 for adults and can be reserved in advance at Buying in advance for this little theater is highly recommended. The box office opens one hour before curtain-time for each performance date to buy tickets at the door.

The theater is at 95 Philadelphia Lane, near the WalMart. If anyone has questions or problems getting tickets, the troupe asks that you email them at or call 706-253-2800 and leave a message. Someone will help you as soon as possible.