Pickens County Retired Educators Day is November 5th


Pickens County Retired Educators Day is November 5th

11/3/2017 ~ by Cyndy Buscher, President of PCREA

Today Pickens County Commissioner Rob Jones signed a Proclamation to recognize Georgia Retired Educators Day on November 5th. Commissioner Becky Denney was also present.

The four Pickens County Retired Educators from left to right are Pat Denney, Lawton Baggs, Nancy Teague, and Cyndy Buscher.


WHEREAS: The Governor of the State of Georgia has proclaimed the day of Sunday,
November 5, 2017 as Retired Educators Day in Georgia and

WHEREAS: There are more than 121,000 retired educators in Georgia, 28,000 plus of whom are members of the Georgia Retired Educators Association; and

WHEREAS: The retired educators of Georgia donate thousands of hours of volunteer service and make invaluable contributions to the welfare of the respective communities across the state; and

WHEREAS: It is appropriate that a day be designated for citizens to express their appreciation for the contributions that retired educators have made and continue to make for the betterment of human lives and for society; and

WHEREAS: Local churches will recognize those lasting contributions made by retired educators in this community; now

THEREFORE: I, Commissioner Chairman of Pickens County do hereby proclaim the day of November 5, 2017, as "RETIRED EDUCATORS DAY" and I call upon the citizens of Pickens County to observe that day in an appropriate manner honoring retired educators.