Pickens Seniors For Change - April 2018


Pickens Seniors For Change - April 2018



The final of three public meetings hosted by Pickens Seniors for Change to inform and educate all homeowners concerning the proposed senior property tax exemption that will be placed on the May 22nd primary ballot in the form of a straw poll. The meeting was held at Chattahoochee Technical College in Jasper on April 12, 2018.

March 13, 2018 meeting
March 8, 2018 meeting

Straw poll questions below will be placed on the Republican and Democratic ballots:

With regard to the Pickens County School Tax Homestead Exemption, choose Option 1 OR Option 2.

□ Yes □ No
Option 1: Continue without change Leave in place the Current Law.
Description: The Current Law provides that a homeowner who

(a) has a Regular Homestead Exemption,
(b) reaches the age of 62, and
(c) has a gross income (as defined in the Current Law) of less than $25,000 for the entire household

may apply for exemption from school property taxes in the amount of the entirety (100%) of assessed value of the property containing the residence.

The School Tax Homestead Exemption excludes both the ad valorem assessment for schools and any taxation on retiring school bonds.

□ Yes □ No
Option 2: Continue but with Study Commission Leave in place the Current Law (as described in Option 1).


Establish a Commission that (1) shall hold forums to hear from citizens, businesses, Pickens County Government, and Pickens County Schools regarding the existing senior exemption from school property taxes and (2) shall forward to the Georgia General Assembly for the 2019 session recommendations on any desired changes to that exemption. (The Commission shall be appointed jointly by the Pickens County Republican Party and the Pickens County Democratic Committee.)


Pickens Seniors for Change, spearheaded by Lee Williamson, is a group of concerned citizens (of Pickens County Georgia) who believe that senior homeowners (age 65 & over) should be exempt from paying school taxes, as authorized by the Georgia State Constitution. The goal is to convince the County Commissioners of Pickens County (and Representative Rick Jasperse) to grant seniors the same exemptions as the surrounding counties.