Jasper Farmers Market Report


Jasper Farmers Market Report
Zach Henson with his large and varied assortment of veggies to sell.

10/9/2018 ~ by Heather Giambra

The Farmers Market was relocated to Roper Park because of Marble Fest, still we had vendors with several crafts, veggies, fruit, and eggs. Johnson Farms are still offering multicolored chicken eggs. They also have duck eggs for those who like the stronger flavor.

Kim Bell featured her love of beautiful rocks and gems with a display of unpolished rocks in all sorts of colors and shapes. They are the source for her creative jewelry. She is assisted by her lovely daughter, Lillian, who also makes necklaces of her own. Mom says she also picks the flowers that are used in some of the creations.

One faithful vendor, Zach Henson, never fails to impress with his large and varied assortment of veggies to sell. His selections are always top notch! His home farm in Ellijay must be amazing!

Bags of kale, mustard and turnip greens, fresh for your fridge. Radish bunches piled high. Chocolate bell peppers? A color so deep they look black, but so ready for slicing, dicing, stuffing and baking! Eggplant in two shapes, globe and fingerling, (easy to slice and donít need peeling). Yellow cherry tomatoes, yellow banana peppers, and yellow straight neck squash.

A whole assortment of colorful choices! Dark green zucchini, lime green patty pan, orange pumpkins, golden spaghetti squash, Celeste brown and green figs, and medium green okra.

An open bag of red and orange peppers turns out to be chocolate ghost, Carolina reaper (currently the hottest pepper around,) and Trinidad scorpions. Peppers only for the brave of heart and tongue! Plus, Zach has jalapenos, too. Plus, a big supply of green beans still.

If you want to plan a week of cooking or want to put up veggies for Winter, this is the place to shop! You will not be disappointed with the choices. However, time is short! Only three more markets left this month. Next week will include the Master Gardener tent with something of interest to learn about gardening and will feature home grown plants for a donation. The donations go to the 4H program.

Fall is the best time to plant trees and shrubs. Daffodils, jonquils, and narcissus should be planted now for a Springtime show. It is also a good time to divide plants to expand your garden or to pass along to friends and neighbors. If youíre wondering why this is good time, ask a Master Gardener!

Our market will be back at Lee Newton Park for the remainder of the month. The final market will be celebrated with treats and hot cider.