Becky Denney Announces Candidacy for Eastern District Commissioner

Becky Denney Announces Candidacy for Eastern District Commissioner


The 2012 election will be a historic election for Pickens County. Our citizens have voted to change from a Sole Commissioner to a board of three. Now we will have a commission chair running throughout the entire county and an Eastern and Western commissioner running in their respective districts.

This comes at a great time in my life. I was born and raised in our county. I have had my own business, Becky Denney State Farm Agency, for 20 years. Many of you were my customers and are still my friends.

We have watched our county grow from a small rural North Georgia county to become part of a larger Atlanta suburban complex. As our county grew, we raised our families, made our livings, counted our many blessings and gave thanks to our Creator that we lived in such a beautiful place on this earth.

The people of Pickens County have been good to me and my family. Now I feel the desire to give back. I am announcing my candidacy to become the Commissioner from our Eastern District. My reason for announcing this early is to meet with as many of you as possible before the primary election.

I believe that growing up here, being a part of the many changes we have experienced and the personal experience I have gained by running a successful business in Pickens County will allow me to serve your interests as Eastern Commissioner.

We all want the same thing: A fair government that uses our tax money wisely by not overspending, leaders that have the vision to manage future county growth and that will preserve the beauty of the land that we all love!

I pledge to you that I will do ALL of those things and will work with every elected county official for the betterment of our county! I ask for your vote and support. I invite you to visit my website at and on Facebook. Feel free to post your comments to me and I will answer each of you.

Becky Denney