Tater Patch Players Auditions

Location:Tater Patch Players Theater
Start Date:3/5/2017
Start Time:1:00 PM
End Time:3:00 PM
Description:Auditions coming up: We invite you to audition for Tater Patch Players' next production, Inherit the Wind. They will be held in two stages.

We will be auditioning for some of the main characters, with larger roles first: Auditions for the roles of Hornbeck, Brady, Drummond, Brown, Cates and Rachel Brown will be February 12 from 1 2 PM and February 16 from 6 7 PM. Please audition if you think you might be interested in one of these roles. Auditioning for these roles does not preclude you auditioning for other roles in the show if you are not cast in one of these 6.

Auditions for all other characters will be March 5, 1-3 PM and March 6, 6-8 PM. In this second round of auditions, there will be many opportunities for actors, mostly male, but a few women too, who have never been on stage, as there are a number of parts with few lines to learn. There are also roles from moderate sized roles appearance only (no-line) roles in this second round of auditions. Every part of the cast, from no-line to very large roles, plays an important part in telling this story.

The play, while on its surface is about the Scopes "Monkey Trial", deals with the more profound topics of freedom of speech and thought, as well as the impact of national notoriety on a small rural community.

The performance dates are May 5, 6, 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21. Please do not audition if you do not have these dates, plus evenings the entire week leading up to opening night free. Rehearsal schedule can otherwise, to some extent, be tailored around individual schedules.

Tickets/Signup:With any questions, please email taterpatchplayers@gmail.com.