Jasper City Council

Location:Jasper City Hall
Start Date:1/8/2018
Start Time:6:00 PM

I. Call meeting to order
II. Invocation
III. Pledge of Allegiance
IV. Adopt agenda
V. Read minutes of December 4, 2017 regular meeting
A. Lisa Hoyle
VI. Organization meeting
A. Election of Mayor Pro Tem
1. Mayor Weaver
B. Appointment of City Manager
1. Mayor Pro Tem
C. Review & approval of annual position appointments
1. Mayor Weaver
VII. Old Business
A. Alcohol license application approval: I Love NY Pizza
1. Sonny Underwood, Planning and Zoning Director
B. Crematory ordinance
1. Mayor Weaver
C. Perrow/Roper/Pool property
1. Jim Looney
VIII. New Business
A. Liberty Lane pump replacement
1. David Hall
B. Return sludge pump at WPCP
1. David Hall
C. Alcohol License Renewals: (1) Tariz Food Mart BP (2) Madelinís Cafť & Bakery
1. Sonny Underwood, Planning and Zoning Director
D. Request for approval to continue alcohol license: Fredís
1. Sonny Underwood, Planning and Zoning Director
E. Annual audit firm - request for approval
1. Lisa Hoyle
IX. Mayorís Report
A. Economic Development Report
1. Gerry Nechvatal
B. Finance Report
1. Lisa Hoyle
C. Roads/Other Report
1. Lonnie Waters
D. Police Report
1. Chief Greg Lovell
E. Fire Report
1. Chief Steve Roper
X. Adjourn