Jasper City Council

Location:Jasper City Hall, 200 Burnt Mountain Road, Jasper, GA
Start Date:5/7/2018
Start Time:6:00 PM

I. Call meeting to order
II. Adopt meeting agenda
III. Pledge of Allegiance
IV. Adopt agenda
V. Read minutes of April 2nd, 2018 regular meeting
A. Lisa Hoyle
VI. Old Business
A. Perrow/Roper/Pool property
1. Sonny Proctor
B. Alcohol license approval – Exxon Convenience Store
1. Sonny Underwood
VII. New Business
A. Doris Wigington Park
1. Robert Keller
B. Fingerprint scanner purchase approval
1. Chief Greg Lovell
C. City court failure to appear fee
1. Chief Greg Lovell
D. Water line installation – Appalachian Ct. to Twin Mt. Lake Rd.
1. David Hall
E. Holiday lighting committee report
1. Mayor Weaver, Jim Looney, Anne Sneve
F. Air conditioning addition at City Hall - approval
1. Jim Looney
G. Carl Vincent Institute – proposal to find/interview City Manager
1. Jim Looney
H. City greenspace use request
1. Pickens Arts & Cultural Alliance
I. Wine tasting event – June 2 Chamber
1. Pickens Chamber
2. Jim Looney
J. Wine tasting event – June 4 BRAG
1. Pickens Chamber
2. Jim Looney
K. 2017 Budget amendment for financials – General Fund
1. Lisa Hoyle
L. Planning Commission Report
1. Sonny Underwood
M. Reduced rate application
1. Lisa Hoyle
N. Adopt Resolution – Service Delivery Strategy
1. Mayor Weaver
VIII. Mayor’s Report
A. Finance Report
1. Lisa Hoyle
B. Roads/Other Report
1. Lonnie Waters
C. Police Report
1. Chief Greg Lovell
D. Fire Report
1. Chief Steve Roper
IX. Adjourn