Davis Bar-B-Que Health Inspections

Week of Score Noted Violations
No. | Description of code requirement not in compliance | Occur
8/9/2019 100-A
1/18/2019 100-A
7/13/2018 100-A
10/27/2017 100-A
5/12/2017 100-A
11/18/2016 100-A
8/21/2015 100-A
3/27/2015 100-A
10/3/2014 96-A 1. Observed can badly damaged on seal. Store dented cans held for return to supplier separately from cans for use.

2. A significant amount of dust was observed on shelving and fans throughout the facility. Clean dust.
5/9/2014 100-A
11/15/2013 100-A
5/31/2013 97-A Wiping cloth solution not at proper minimum concentration. Solution at 0 ppm chlorine. Must be minimum 50 ppm chlorine.
11/30/2012 97-A Employee preparing food wearing a watch. The only jewelry allowed on hands or arms is a plain band ring.
7/20/2012 100-A
2/24/2012 90-A 1. Chicken in sham at 119F. Must be 135F or above. The chicken had been removed from the smoker 40 minutes before, but had not been placed immediately into the sham. The chicken was reheated to 165F in the oven. In the future, ensure that the chicken is placed in the holding sham as soon as it is removed from the smoker.

2, Home canned food in the walk-in cooler. Owner advised me it was personal food. It must be stored separately from food for service.
10/7/2011 96-A 1. Wiping cloth solution not at proper minimum concentration. Must be minimum 50 ppm chlorine. Corrected on-site.

2. Employee pocketbook stored with dry goods. Employee items must be stored separately from food and food service equipment.
5/6/2011 100-A
11/12/2010 100-A
5/14/2010 100-A
11/13/2009 100-A
7/10/2009 99-A Shelving in dish machine area should be cleaned. Potato slicer should also be cleaned.
3/20/2009 100-A
11/14/2008 100-A
7/11/2008 100-A
2/15/2008 90-A Improper cold and hot holding temperatures. Cold holding must 41For below Hot holding must be 135F or above.
Do not wet stack clean glasses. Air dry then stack.
10/12/2007 96 Employees preparing food must wear hair restraints.
Open bags of food must be in a sealed food grade container.
5/4/2007 99 Sanitizer for wipe cloths not at proper concentration- should be 50-100 ppm Chlorine
9/15/2006 99