Pizza Hut Health Inspections

Week of Score Noted Violations
No. | Description of code requirement not in compliance | Occur
10/29/2021 100-A
5/19/2021 100-A
11/5/2020 100-A
3/5/2020 100-A
8/14/2019 99-A 17B Garbage/refuse properly disposed; facilities maintained 1
17C Physical facilities installed, maintained, and clean 1
1/8/2019 99-A 15A Food and nonfood-contact surfaces cleanable, properly designed, constructed, and used 1
7/23/2018 100-A
2/15/2018 91-A 6-1A Proper cold holding temperatures 1
8/7/2017 100-A
4/12/2017 94-A 14B Utensils, equipment and linens: properly stored, dried, handled
17A Toilet facilities: properly constructed, supplied, cleaned
18 Insects, rodents, and animals not present
10/19/2016 98-A Utensils, equipment and linens: properly stored, dried, handled

Garbage/refuse properly disposed; facilities maintained
3/24/2016 99-A Exteriors of coffee mugs and drinking glasses coated with spilled tea on shelf under tea station. Glasses/mugs taken to dish area for cleaning. New Violation.
7/20/2015 99-A Tile is broken and not attached at the entrance to the walk in cooler. Repair the tile.
3/3/2015 96-A 1. Observed food scoop handle in the food. Must store scoops with the handles extending out of the food product. The scoops were adjusted.

2. Food containers in storage wet stacked. Must air dry before stacking. The containers were rewashed.
10/15/2014 99-A Observed bean salad in the walk-in cooler 2 days past the discard date. The bean salad was discarded at the time of inspection. Person in charge must monitor dates and discard food items when needed.
5/28/2014 99-A Pocketbook stored with bulk salad dressing. Employee items must be stored separately from food and food service equipment.
12/11/2013 98-A Ice scoop stored on cardboard box. The scoop must be stored in a clean, sanitized container. Repeat Violation.
8/21/2013 99-A Clean containers wet stacked. Must air dry before stacking.
4/24/2013 91-A 1. Sanitizer for ware washing at 0 ppm chlorine. Use 3 comp sink to sanitize until machine is repaired. Repeat violation.

2. Sanitizer for wipe cloths at 100 ppm quat. Must be 200-300 ppm. The automatic dispensing unit was not operating properly. Make manually until system is repaired.
1/2/2013 95-A 1. Employee stated that the rings used to make pizzas are cleaned on second shift. Food contact surfaces must be cleaned within less than 4 hours.

2. The floor in the walk-in freezer should be cleaned to remove debris.
8/21/2012 95-A 1. Observed open cup of coffee on prep table. Employee drinks must have a lid and straw or be stored in an area away from food and food service equipment.

2. Clean containers wet stacked. Must air dry before stacking.
4/30/2012 92-A 1. Dish machine sanitizer at 0 ppm chlorine. Must be minimum 50 ppm chlorine. Use 3-comp sink to sanitize until machine is repaired.

2. Employee mixing sanitizer at the vegetable sink. This sink is for washing vegetables and should be used for no other purpose.
1/10/2012 95-A 1. Onion slicer had dried food particles on it. The slicer should be cleaned more frequently, ideally after use, but a minimum of every 4 hours.

2. The floor in the walk-in freezer should be cleaned.
8/30/2011 95-A 1. Observed an employee's drink in cooler stored with food for sevice. Employee drinks and food can be in the cooler, but must be on the bottom shelf in an area designated for those employee items only.

2. Hand wash sink blocked by trash can. All hand wash sinks must be accessible for employee use at all times.

3. Clean containers wet stacked. Must air dry before stacking.
10/27/2010 99-A Observed potentially hazardous food cold-held at greater than 41F. Sausage on the pizza cooler at 48F. Keep the lid closed and monitor temperature. The high temperature in the unit was only where the lid was open. Other sides of the cooling unit which had the lid closed were at the proper temperature. Monitor temperature and if it doesn't drop, the unit must be turned down.
5/21/2010 99-A Containers for storage have significant quantity of buildup of residue from date marking labels. This makes the containers not smooth and easily cleanable. The residue needs to be removed.
12/8/2009 93-A Employee beverage improperly stored. Employee drinks must have a lid and straw and be in a disposable cup.
Improper thawing of pasta in 3-compartment sink. Utilize the vetetable sink for thawing pasta.
8/7/2009 96-A Beverage dispensing nozzles should be cleaned.
4/23/2009 100-A
8/25/2008 96-A Ice accumulation from drainage line in contact with bags of frozen food.
Utensils cannot hang on wall must be protected from contamination.
5/20/2008 97-A Ice scoop in disrepair and must be replaced. Also, Ice scoop cannot be stored inside of ice machine.
12/4/2007 91-A Employee preparing salad with bare hands- No bare hand contact allowed with ready to eat foods.
9/5/2007 93 Vents in cooling units-especially small prep cooler should be cleaned.
Food stored on floor in W/I cooler- Must be 6 inches off floor.
Towels not available at hand wash sink.
Clean wall & floor at dish machine.
Employee items improperly stored.
4/16/2007 93 Scoops used for pizza prep must be stored with handles up, extending out of food
Can opener and base should be thoroughly cleaned
Exterior door must remain closed to prevent numerous flies throughout facility.
Sanitizer for wipe cloths too strong- should be 50-100 ppm chlorine
2/8/2007 98 Handle missing from sink faucet
Floor tile needs regrouted in small area near repair
9/5/2006 97
4/29/211 97-A 1. Observed food employee wearing jewelry other than a plain ring while preparing food. Corrected on-site.

2. Observed employee preparing salad with no hair restraint. All employees preparing food must wear hair restraint.