Wendy's Health Inspections

Week of Score Noted Violations
No. | Description of code requirement not in compliance | Occur
12/22/2020 92-A 6-2 Proper date marking and disposition 1
12B Personal cleanliness 1
8/6/2020 88-B *Red indicates this violation is a known risk factor for foodborne illness.
10/18/2019 93-A 12B Personal cleanliness 1
12B Personal cleanliness 1
17B Garbage/refuse properly disposed; facilities maintained 1
18 Insects, rodents, and animals not present 1
1/15/2019 100-A
7/23/2018 97-A 12B Personal cleanliness 1

2/16/2018 95-A 6-2 Proper date marking and disposition 1
15C Nonfood-contact surfaces clean 1
8/14/2017 91-A 6-1B Proper hot holding temperatures
3/2/2017 90-A 6-1A Proper cold holding temperatures
14B Utensils, equipment and linens: properly stored, dried, handled
9/15/2016 91-A Proper cold holding temperatures
1/21/2016 96-A Cloth sanitizer on cook line & back-up line at 0 ppm quat. Sanitizer was replaced with fresh supply at 300 ppm quat. Maintain correct level for proper sanitizing - recommended 200-400 ppm quat.
7/7/2015 91-A Observed chili at 135F at 10:30 am. The employee stated that the chili was in the steam unit for 30 minutes. The water in the steam unit was 200F. Potentially hazardous food must be reheated to 165F in 2 hours. The employee stated that the chili was started at 7 a.m., 3 hours earlier. The chili was
discarded. Person in charge must ensure proper reheating for PHF.
2/2/2015 97-A Observed pan soaking in the vegetable sink. This sink is for washing vegetables, and can be used for no other purpose. The sink was cleaned.
9/22/2014 91-A Potentially hazardous food not held at proper temperature in 2 small reach-in units, @ 44F -47F. Must
be 41F or below. Service tech was called. Person in charge must check to ensure proper cold holding.
5/5/2014 91-A Observed employee handle raw bacon then get the thermometer to check chili temperature. The employee was stopped and directed to wash hands. After touching raw potentially hazardous food, hands must be washed before starting a new task. The thermometer was cleaned with an alcohol swab.
12/4/2013 97-A 1. The hand wash sink not draining properly. Repair the drain.

2. Employee pocketbook and jacket on top of boxes of single service gloves. Employee items must be stored separately from food and food service equipment.
8/9/2013 93-A 1. Flying insect spray in facility not approved for food service. All pesticides must state on the instructions that use is allowed in a food service establishment.

2. Observed an extreme amount of flies in the facility. Person in charge must ensure that pests are controlled.
4/3/2013 95-A 1. Observed a food employee wearing a bracelet. A plain band ring is the only jewelry allowed on hands and arms.

2. Employee jacket hanging on dry food storage shelving. Employee items must be stored separately from food and food service equipment.
7/31/2012 95-A Requested Re-inspection

1. The faucet on the handwash sink has a significant leak that should be repaired.

2. The service window not self-closing. Repair window.
7/26/2012 82-B 1. Improper reheating for hot holding. Observed chili in steam unit at 120F at 15 minutes after opening. Must reheat to 165F. The chili was pulled and reheated to 168F. Person-in-charge must ensure proper reheating for hot holding.

2. Potentially hazardous food in the salad cooler at 50F. The salad cooler had been turned off for stocking and was not turned back on. Salads with cheese, chicken, and cut tomato were discarded. Milk in the cooler was placed in an ice bath and rapidly cooled to 37F. Do not turn the cooler off for stocking.
3/27/2012 95-A 1. Sanitizer for ware washing not at the proper minimum concentration at 0 ppm quat. Corrected to 200 ppm quat. Also, the inside of the microwave should be cleaned.

2. The holes in the dry storage building must be repaired.
11/29/2011 91-A Observed employee handle raw ground beef, then get grease pencil from sandwich prep area to document time. The employee also went to 3 comp sink to change sanitizer water. After touching raw potentially hazardous food, employees must first wash hands to prevent cross-contamination before touching items that other employees may touch.
Corrected on-site.
7/11/2011 93-A 1. Observed opened bottled drink stored with dry goods. Employee drinks must be in a single service cup with a lid and straw, and should be stored separately from food and service equipment. Corrected on-site.

2. Buns were stored under pocketbook and jackets. Corrected on-site.
2/4/2011 88-B 1. Observed employee place raw ground beef on grill, then stir chili, and open drawer that the sandwich prep person must use. After touching raw beef, the employee must wash their hands before changing tasks, to insure that cross contamination does not occur. The surfaces that had been contaminated were sanitized. Person-in-charge must insure employees are trained on when to wash hands. Corrected on-site.

2. Observed employee preparing food without a hair restraint. Corrected on-site.

3. Observed food employee wearing jewelry other than a plain ring on hands/arms while preparing food. Corrected on-site.
8/13/2010 99-A Floor in walk-in cooler should be cleaned.
3/24/2010 96-A Wiping cloth quaternary ammonium compound sanitizing solution not at proper minimum strength. Corrected at time of inspection.

Observed employee with bandage on hand working with food without wearing a glove covering the bandage. When a bandage is on the hand, the employee must cover with a glove. Corrected at time of inspection.
11/3/2009 91-A Employee handled raw beef then opened cabinet started fries and touched controls without first washing hands. After touching raw potentially hazardous food, one must first wash their hands before changing tasks.
7/9/2009 100-A
4/1/2009 99-A Floor of walk in freezer should be cleaned.
11/19/2008 97-A All employees preparing food must wear hair restraints.
7/15/2008 91-A Improper reheating procedure for hot holding.
2/26/2008 93-A Need date marking procedure for prepared potentially hazardous food.
Sanitizer for wipe cloths not at proper concentration should be 200-400 ppm Quat.
11/1/2007 98 Do not store coffee under exposed plumbing at hand wash sink.
Employee items improperly stored.
7/10/2007 96 Clean food containers must not be wet stacked. Air dry then stack.
Seal gap at outside dry storage area.
1/25/2007 100
9/18/2006 100