The Salvation Army Camp Grandview Health Inspections

Week of Score Noted Violations
No. | Description of code requirement not in compliance | Occur
2/25/2022 100-A
6/11/2021 100-A
12/12/2019 100-A
5/29/2019 100-A
1/16/2019 100-A
6/1/2018 96-A 12A Contamination prevented during food preparation, storage, display 1
15C Nonfood-contact surfaces clean 1
6/1/2017 96-A 6-2 Proper date marking and disposition
12/13/2016 100-A
5/13/2016 97-A Contamination prevented during food preparation, storage, display
6/3/2015 83-B 1. Observed cut watermelon on counter at 74F. Any cut melon must be held at or below 41F. Melon was discarded.

2. Observed opened containers of dry goods. Once opened, dry goods must be sealed or placed in a sealed food grade container. Person in charge told to seal the food containers.

3. Utensils stored with food contact surfaces exposed. Must be stored with food contact surfaces protected. Utensils were moved to be stored with the handles up.

4. The spray nozzle was hanging down into the prewash sink. This nozzle must hang 2" above the sink rim. Repair or replace the spring.

5. The floor in the storage area very dirty with debris and grime. Clean the floor. The wall behind the hand wash sink very dirty with grime. Clean the wall.

6. Observed a jacket stored with bread. Employee items must be stored separately from food and food service equipment. The jacket was relocated. Repeat Violation.
7/7/2014 94-A 1. Observed hot dogs thawing in a sink of water. This is an improper thawing method. To properly thaw potentially hazardous food, it must be immersed in water in a container with continuously running water or in the refrigerator.

2. Observed food employee with a bracelet and ring with stones. Only a plain band ring is allowed on hands and arms. The jewelry was removed.
6/9/2014 95-A 1. Utensils stored with food contact services exposed. Must store with food contact surfaces protected.

2. Broken floor tile in the dry storage area. Repair the tile.

3. Observed flies in the kitchen. Person in charge must ensure that pests are controlled.
7/10/2013 93-A Observed improper cooling of potentially hazardous food. Chicken patties from the previous day at 50F after about 18 hours in the cooler. Chicken patties from breakfast on counter at 100F at 2 hours. Both were discarded. For proper cooling, PHF must be cooled from 135F to 70F within 2 hours, then to 41F within 4 more hours for a total of 6 hours. Person in charge must ensure proper cooling.
6/11/2013 93-A 1. Observed open can of garbanzo beans dated 5/26/13, 10 days past discard date of 7 days. Person in charge must monitor dates and discard when needed. The beans were discarded at time of inspection.

2. Dishes in storage must be stored covered or inverted.

3. The vegetable sink and the 3 comp sink must have the air gap re-installed.
6/12/2012 94-A 1. Observed can dented on seam. Damaged cans must be stored separately from cans for use until returned to the supplier.

2. Observed opened containers of dry goods. Once opened, the dry goods must be sealed or placed in a sealed food grade container.
7/27/2011 96-A Requested re-inspection

Turkey and dressing in the walk-in cooler not date marked. All prepared potentially hazardous food held over 24 hours must be date marked. Corrected on-site.
7/21/2011 81-B 1. No paper towels at hand washing sink. Paper towels must always be available for proper hand washing. Corrected on-site.

2. Observed potentially hazardous food cold-held at greater than 41F. Cooked pork at 48F. Pork was moved to walk-in cooler. Person-in-charge must insure that the blast cooler is properly programmed to hold PHF at 41F or below.

3. Potentially hazardous food not held at 135F or above. Corn in sham at 101F. The corn had only been in the unit for 30 minutes, so was pulled to be properly reheated to the correct temperature in the oven.

4. Cooked turkey thawing at room temperature. To properly thaw the turkey, it should be immersed in cold running water that is continuously flowing, or in refrigerator. Corrected on-site.

5. Observed condensate dripping on boxes of food in walk-in cooler. Corrected on-site.

6. Cooked meat in the vegetable sink. This sink is for washing fruits and vegetables and can be used for no other purpose.
6/13/2011 95-A 1. Wiping cloth quaternary ammonium compound sanitizing solution not at proper minimum strength. The automatic dispensing unit was not operating properly. Make manually until unit is repaired.

2. An ice scoop cannot be stored in a machine that produces ice.

3. The bottom shelf of the refrigerator should be cleaned.
7/21/2009 90-A Improper cooling time and temperature. Cooked potatoes from previous night were in cooler at 51F. Potentially hazardous food must be rapidly cooled to 41F within 6 hours.
Floor in dry storage area should be cleaned.
5/1/2009 96-A Open bags of food must be placed in a sealed food grade container.