Heritage Healthcare of Jasper Health Inspections

Week of Score Noted Violations
No. | Description of code requirement not in compliance | Occur
6/24/2015 80-B 1. No certified food safety manager on staff. Certification expired 4/14. Must have within 45 days.

2. Potentially hazardous food in the prep cooler at 61-64F. Must be held at 41F or below. All PHF in the unit was discarded. This is the only unit in the kitchen area and is necessary for food prep. Repair immediately. If the unit cannot maintain PHF at 41F, it must be replaced. Use ice baths and check temperatures every 2 hours to ensure that the ice baths are keeping PHF at 41F or below.

3. No thermometer located in the reach-in cooler that was not holding at the proper temperature. Replace thermometer.

4. Knives stored between equipment and wall. Utensils must be stored in a clean container. The knives were pulled to be washed.

5. The door to the outside in the walk-in cooler/smoker area not sealed to prevent insects and rodents. Repair or replace door.
1/27/2015 98-A Observed buildup of metal shavings on the can opener. Clean the opener. It was pulled at time of inspection to be cleaned. Repeat Violation.
9/9/2014 99-A Observed significant amount of dust on the ceiling and fan of the walk-in cooler. Clean the ceiling and fan.
5/7/2014 100-A
12/26/2013 96-A 1. Observed milk dated 12/22/13, 4 days past current date. Milk out of date must be marked "do not use". The milk was labeled as requested.

2. Observed dish racks on floor. The racks must be stored 6" off of the floor. The racks were relocated.
7/31/2013 100-A
2/21/2013 100-A
11/7/2012 99-A The wall in the chemical storage room where glass racks are also stored should be repaired. The wall is damaged and paint is peeling.
7/9/2012 97-A Cracked food container. When food containers are cracked, they must be replaced. Also dish racks for machine should not be stored on the floor.
3/13/2012 96-A Container of cooked red peppers opened and date marked for holding for one month. The red peppers are heat treated vegetables and are therefore a potentially hazardous food. They can only be held after opening for a maximum of 7 days. The peppers were discarded.