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Week of Score Noted Violations
6/7/2018 87-B

No. | Description of code requirement not in compliance | Occur

4-2A Food stored covered 1

5-1B Proper reheating procedures for hot holding 1

11/29/2017 87-B

Food stored covered

Proper reheating procedures for hot holding

6/6/2017 87-B

2-2D Adequate handwashing facilities supplied & accessible*

6-1C Proper cooling time and temperature

*Indicates this violation is a known risk factor for foodborne illness.

10/4/2016 87-B

Proper eating, tasting, drinking, or tobacco use

Proper cold holding temperatures

9/15/2015 81-B

1. A large metal bar was in the hand wash sink, making it inaccessible. The bar was moved. The hand wash sink must be accessible at all times. Repeat Violation.

2. Observed cooked cubed chicken in a large container in the walk-in cooler from previous day at 47F after about 30 hours. Chicken from current day at 79F at 3 hours. Both were discarded. To properly cool, the chicken must get from 135F to 70F within 2 hours, then from 70F to 41F within 4 more hours for a total of 6 hours. To properly cool, use shallow containers or an ice bath. Also, very large containers of chili, 4-5 gallons, were in the freezer at 70F. Chili was broken down into smaller portions and ice was added to rapidly cool the product.

3. Food stored on the floor in the walk-in freezer. Food storage must be 6" off floor. The containers would be relocated when time permits.

4. Observed housing of the food slicer with excess accumulation of food debris. Clean the slicer. The slicer was broken down to be cleaned.

4/6/2015 91-A

1. Observed a funnel in the hand wash sink in the bar, making the sink not accessible. Also, utensils must not be in the hand wash sink. The funnel was moved to be rewashed.

2. Numerous items on the menu not honestly presented. The menu states "Fish and chips, Alaskan wild caught cod". The cod in the freezer was labeled 'wild caught product of China". The menu has "Burger All natural grass fed, local and hormone and antibiotic free". The label on the box was "Certified Angus

Beef manufactured by burger maker Carlstadt, NJ. There was no notation of grass fed or hormone free, and NJ would not be considered local. The menu said "chili made with local organic meat". The box said distributed by Tyson Foods Product of the USA. No organic label or local producer. The menu must be redone to accurately reflect the food that is served.

3. Clean plastic drink containers were wet stacked. Must air dry before stacking. The containers were separated to air dry.

4. The floor is pitted and in bad repair. The floor must be resurfaced.

11/18/2014 93-A

1. Observed vegetable soup in the walk-in cooler that was not date marked. All prepared potentially hazardous food to be held over 24 hours must be date marked. The soup was discarded.

2. Observed ketchup and mustard stored under exposed plumbing at the wait station. No food or food service equipment can be stored under exposed plumbing. The condiments were relocated.

7/8/2014 86-B

1. Observed 2 raw ground beef patties in a pan on the top of the stove at 90F. The stove was turned off. The patties were discarded. Never leave raw potentially hazardous food out of the cooler even when busy. PHF must be held at 41F or below.

2. Clean containers wet stacked. Must air dry before stacking. The containers were separated.

3. The floor under the grill has a build-up of black grease. The floor in the walk-in cooler where the wall meets the floor at the door has slime. The floor under the ice machine is black. A thorough floor cleaning must be done.

4. Observed numerous flies in the kitchen. Person in charge must ensure that insects are controlled.

2/10/2014 90-A

1. Cooked potentially hazardous food not cooled from 135 F to 41 F within 6 hours. Cooked wings in a large container at 40-52 F after 6.5 hours. The wings at 41 F or below were kept and the other wings were discarded. Use shallow containers to cool PHF to 41F within 6 hours. Once the wings are at 41 F or below, they can be placed in a large container for storage.

2. Employee cell phone on the prep table. Employee items must be stored separately from food and food service equipment.

9/16/2013 87-B

1. Observed grill cook handle raw beef then he went to the grill and placed deli meat from grill on bread with a utensil, but assisted the utensil with his hand. After touching raw potentially hazardous food, hands must be washed before performing any other tasks. The sandwich was discarded and a new one was made after washing hands.

2. Raw steak and raw beef patties in the vegetable sink. This sink is for washing fruits and vegetables and can be used for no other purpose. The meat was moved and the sink cleaned and sanitized.

3. A significant amount of grease and food debris under the grill and fryers. Clean the floor.

4/15/2013 96-A

1. Salad dressing container on the 3 comp sink was being prepped into single service containers. The dressing was moved to the prep table. Do not use the 3 comp sink for food prep.

2. Observed sugar scoop with the handle in the sugar. The scoop must be stored with the handle extending out of the food product.

12/17/2012 87-B

1. Buttermilk on ice at 67F in a large 10" container with ice on the bottom. When using ice to maintain cold holding temperature, it must completely surround the food. The buttermilk was discarded.

2. Sugar and flour not labeled. All white powders or granules must be labeled with the common name of the food.

3. Must have a covered receptacle in the women's restroom.

7/23/2012 92-A

1. Wipe cloth quat sanitizer not at proper minimum concentration. Must be 200-300 ppm quat.

2. The second page of the inspection report must be available for public viewing. Repeat violation.

3. Observed numerous flies in the kitchen. Person-in-charge must ensure that insects are controlled.

3/13/2012 86-B

1. Observed grill cook prepare a hotdog with bare hands. No bare hand contact is allowed with ready-to-eat food.

2. Dish machine at 0 ppm chlorine. Use 3 comp sink to sanitize until machine is repaired.

3. Both an outdated and current inspection report were posted. Only the most current inspection report should be posted.

10/25/2011 87-B

1. Observed cooked vegetables not held at 135F or above. The person-in-charge must ensure that once vegetables are cooked, they are held at 135F or above. The potentially hazardous food out of temperature was discarded at time of inspection. Corrected on-site.

2. Deli roast beef held 2 days past the discard date. Person-in-charge must monitor date marking and ensure that food is discarded appropriately. Corrected on-site.

6/28/2011 90-A

1. Observed raw animal food stored over ready-to-eat food. Raw fish and raw steak over celery, and raw ground beef over butter. Raw potentially hazardous food can never be stored over ready-to-eat food. Corrected on-site.

2. Clean food containers and plastic glasses wet stacked. Must air dry before stacking.

1/21/2011 91-A

Cooked potentially hazardous food not cooled from 135F to 41F within 6 hours. French onion soup at 45F in walk-in cooler dated from the previous day, with other items in cooler at 36F. Person-in-charge to ensure that potentially hazardous food is properly cooled. The soup was discarded.

11/29/2010 100-A

Opening Inspection



Jasper, Georgia in Pickens County in the North Georgia Mountains
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