Bigun's Barbeque Health Inspections

Week of Score Noted Violations
No. | Description of code requirement not in compliance | Occur
1/12/2021 100-A
1/31/2020 100-A
12/19/2018 100-A
6/18/2018 100-A
12/12/2017 100-A
6/27/2017 100-A
12/5/2016 100-A
2/1/2016 100-A
1/15/2016 100-A Observed cooling hush puppy mix in large quantity (thick, dense portion). Potentially hazardous food must be cooled from 135F to 7F within 2 hours and from 70F to less than 41F within 4 hours or less.

Instructed person in charge to portion mix into less than 4" portions until cooled as required, then date label after combined.
6/26/2015 97-A 1. Observed employee preparing food without a hair restraint. Employees must always wear hair restraints when preparing food. The employee put on a hat.

2. Observed an employee wearing a watch. No jewelry is allowed on hands and arms, except for a plain band ring. The watch was removed.
1/7/2015 99-A Sugar scoop handle was in the product. Scoops must be stored with the handles out of the food.
8/11/2014 91-A Observed PHF at 115F in a steam unit. The pulled pork was separated into trays. It must be held at 135F or above. Other items in the unit were at the proper temperature. It appeared that the trays were the problem. Either turn up unit to hold at the proper temperature or tray up the meat after an order is placed. The meat not at the proper temperature was discarded.
4/8/2014 88-B 1. Observed green beans from previous day at 47F in walk-in cooler at a minimum of 24 hours cooling. Green beans from today at a minimum of 4 hours at 68F in the walk-in cooler. The green beans were discarded. To properly cool potentially hazardous food, it must cool from 135F to 70F within 2 hours, and then from 70F to 41F within 4 more hours. Even if an ice bath is used, containers must not be stacked until the PHF item is at 41F or below to ensure proper air circulation and cooling.

2. Clean containers wet stacked. Must air dry before stacking.

3. Waste water surfacing from septic system. Repair asap.
10/8/2013 99-A Observed accumulation of metal shavings on the can opener. Must clean the opener more frequently.
5/7/2013 99-A Clean floor under shelving, 3 comp sink and reach-in cooler to remove grease and food debris.
1/14/2013 100-A 1. Observed open drink on prep table. All employee drinks must have a lid and straw.

2. Water in 3 comp sink at 0 ppm quat. Sanitizer must be 200 ppm quat to properly sanitize dishes.

3. The mop sink is extremely dirty. Clean the sink.
9/6/2012 99-A Fans for use in the kitchen must be cleaned to remove dust build-up.
7/19/2012 99-A Change of Regulatory Agency

Clean the floor in the dry storage area. Install base molding in the same area.