Polar Bear Ice Cream & Coffee Health Inspections

Week of Score Noted Violations
No. | Description of code requirement not in compliance | Occur
6/18/2019 97-A 12B Personal cleanliness 1
5/10/2018 100-A
5/4/2017 97-A 18 Insects, rodents, and animals not present
6/22/2016 100-A
8/28/2015 98-A 1. Observed sponges at the 3 comp sink. Sponges cannot be used in a food service establishment. The sponges were discarded.

2. The restroom door was propped open. Restroom doors must remain closed. The door was closed.
3/13/2015 92-A 1. No Certified Food Safety Manager on staff. The certification expired 5/14. Recertify ASAP.

2. Observed milk opened 2/28/15, which should have been discarded on 3/6/15, 7 days prior. After opening prepared potentially hazardous food, it must be discarded after 7 days. The milk was thrown away.
8/20/2014 100-A
4/4/2014 97-A Exterior door to the facility was propped open. All exterior doors must be closed to prevent flies and vermin from entering the facility. Flies were observed. The door was closed. A screen door must be installed if the door is to be open.
10/2/2013 100-A
6/5/2013 100-A
4/16/2013 100-A Opening