Biscuit Maker Health Inspections

Week of Score Noted Violations
No. | Description of code requirement not in compliance | Occur
12/3/2020 100-A
7/9/2020 85-B 6-1A Proper cold holding temperatures 1
6-2 Proper date marking and disposition 1
11/7/2019 87-B 6-1B Proper hot holding temperatures 1
6-2 Proper date marking and disposition 1
3/15/2019 97-A 12A Contamination prevented during food preparation, storage, display 1
9/18/2018 100-A
3/27/2018 96-A 6-2 Proper date marking and disposition 1
10/23/2017 100-A
5/8/2017 97-A 10D Food properly labeled; original container
10/17/2016 97-A Contamination prevented during food preparation, storage, display
1/27/2016 97-A No thermometer in reach-in cooler holding buttermilk and chicken salad. Thermometer was replaced during inspection.
7/17/2015 96-A Observed bologna dated 7/9/15, 2 days past discard date. Person in charge must monitor dates and discard the items when needed. The bologna was discarded.
3/3/2015 100-A
10/17/2014 96-A Observed Raid and Spectracide insect sprays in the facility. The only pesticides allowed must be labeled "for use in a food service facility". The chemicals will be taken out of the facility at the end of the day.
6/3/2014 100-A
4/25/2014 100-A (change of ownership)
1/15/2014 99-A Single use gloves stored in drawer with cleaning equipment, lighter and maintenance equipment. Store the gloves in an area with equipment that is cleaned and sanitized or single service.
9/6/2013 91-A Observed raw potentially hazardous food stored over ready-to-eat food. Raw bacon and raw pork tenderloin over bologna and red hots. All were in sealed containers and no evident contamination had occurred. The items were relocated. Never store raw PHF above RTE food

Clean the shelving in the 2 door refrigerator.
6/24/2013 96-A Observed open drink on counter. All employee drinks must have a lid and straw.
2/20/2013 100-A
11/9/2012 100-A
7/12/2012 99-A Plastic beverage dispensing nozzle disintegrating. Replace ASAP.
3/23/2012 100-A
2/7/2012 100-A Change of ownership
1/12/2012 100-A
9/8/2011 100-A
5/6/2011 100-A
11/22/2010 100-A
6/15/2010 97-A Wiping cloth chlorine sanitizing solution not at proper minimum strength. Sanitizer level at 0 ppm chlorine. Must be at 50-100 ppm. Corrected on-site.
1/25/2010 100-A
9/23/2009 100-A
6/4/2009 100-A
2/4/2009 100-A
9/29/2008 100-A
6/16/2008 99-A Vent should be cleaned
2/7/2008 90-A No bare hand contact with ready to eat food is allowed. Employee prepared biscuit with bare hands.
Ice scoop cannot be stored in ice machine.
10/19/2007 98 Employees preparing food must Wear hair restraints.
6/5/2007 100
3/1/2007 100
10/23/2006 100