Mary Ann's Country Cooking Health Inspections

Week of Score Noted Violations
No. | Description of code requirement not in compliance | Occur
5/7/2019 96-A 12C Wiping cloths: properly used and stored 1
17D Adequate ventilation and lighting; designated areas used 1
10/25/2018 99-A 15A Food and nonfood-contact surfaces cleanable, properly designed, constructed, and used 1
4/26/2018 99-A 14A In-use utensils: properly stored 1
10/26/2017 91-A Proper hot holding temperatures
5/11/2017 99-A 14C Single-use/single-service articles: properly stored, used
10/13/2016 91-A Proper hot holding temperatures
3/24/2016 91-A Observed spray bottle with chemical being used to spray counters(non-food) that did not have label. Working bottles of chemicals/cleaners must be labeled. Bottle was labeled on request. Corrected On-Site. New Violation.

Thermometer missing in white refrigerator in dish area. Must have working thermometers in all units. New Violation.

Observed build-up of dust/grease on fan in dish area and in walk-in cooler. Clean and maintain these areas. New Violation.

Observed grease and food build-up on floors and walls throughout kitchen. Clean and maintain these areas. Heavy dust build-up around air returns (ceiling) in kitchen. This must be cleaned. New Violation.
8/4/2015 90-A 1. Observed BBQ chicken on the steam table holding at 105F. Must be held at 135F or above. The chicken had been boiled and placed on the counter, then cold BBQ sauce had been put on it. After cooking PHF, the temperature must be maintained at 135F or above before placing in the steam table.
The chicken was pulled and reheated to above 165F and placed back in the steam table.

2. Used aprons hanging on the pot rack. The aprons must be stored away from food and food service equipment. The aprons were relocated.
2/6/2015 90-A 1. Observed dressing on the stream table at 101F and meatloaf in the holding cabinet at 130F. Both items were from the previous day and were not reheated properly. The items were in the units for less than one hour, so were pulled and reheated to 165F. Person in charge must ensure that potentially hazardous food is properly reheated to 165F.

2. Observed employee wipe gloves for ready-to-eat food on her apron. Never touch clothing or body with gloves that will be used for RTE food. The employee washed hands and changed gloves.
9/5/2014 94-A 1. Observed employee with significant amount of raw chicken on apron. The apron used when breading
chicken should be changed when soiled, to ensure that cross contamination does not occur.

2. Observed files in the kitchen. Person in charge must ensure that pests are controlled.
4/23/2014 90-A 1. Observed grill cook crack raw eggs and then reach to get ready to eat food without washing hands. The employee was stopped and directed to wash hands. After touching raw PHF, hands must always be washed before touching RTE foods or changing tasks.

2. Repair the missing tile in front of the dish washer.
10/9/2013 91-A 1. Potentially hazardous food in prep cooler at 47F. Must be held at 41F or below. Use ice to maintain temperature until unit can be adjusted down. Monitor temperatures after unit is adjusted down to ensure proper cold holding.

2. Fried meats in roaster at 107F. Must be held at 135F or above. The meat was discarded. The lid on the roaster must be on securely to hold in the heat.
7/25/2013 100-A Opening Score