Mountains Grill & Black Bear Pub at Lake Sconti
186 Clubhouse Drive - Private ~ Jasper, GA 30143


Mountains Grill & Black Bear Pub at Lake Sconti

Mountains Grill:
Monday & Tuesday
Lunch 11am - 3pm

Wednesday - Saturday
Lunch 11am - 3pm
Dinner 5 - 9pm

Black Bear Pub:
Sunday 11am - 6pm
Monday 11am - 3pm
Tuesday - Saturday
11am - 9pm

Week of Score Noted Violations
8/30/2018 96-A

No. | Description of code requirement not in compliance | Occur

4-2B Food-contact surfaces: cleaned & sanitized 1

12/19/2017 99-A

Physical facilities installed, maintained, and clean

5/11/2017 96-A

17C Physical facilities installed, maintained, and clean

18 Insects, rodents, and animals not present

10/5/2016 99-A

Warewashing facilities: installed, maintained, used; test strips

7/24/2015 90-A

1. Raw fish in the top of the reach-in prep cooler at 50F. Must be held at 41F or below. The inside was at 43F. Use ice on the top to hold the raw fish at 41F, due to the unit being next to the fryers. The fish was discarded and the unit turned down. Ice was also placed under the fish.

2. The electrical panel on the prep stations very dirty with dust and food splatter. Clean the panel.

1/14/2015 99-A

Requested Re-inspection

Clean containers were wet stacked. Must air dry before stacking. The containers were separated to air dry.

12/3/2014 85-B

1. Raw potentially hazardous food in the cold holding drawer under the grill at 50 - 60F. Must be 41F or below. Prepared PHF above 50F was discarded. Raw PHF 50F and below was moved to a unit holding at the proper temperature. This same unit was not holding at the previous inspection. Do not

use this unit again until it can maintain PHF at 41F or below. If the unit is not capable, it must be replaced. Cooked salmon on counter at 77F, must be held in cooler at 41F or below. The salmon was discarded. Repeat Violation.

2. Observed can damaged on seal. Damaged cans being held for return to supplier must be stored separately from cans for use. The can was relocated.

3. Electrical strip on the prep table was very dirty with dust, grime and food debris. Clean the strip.

6/24/2014 91-A

Raw potentially hazardous food in the cold holding drawer under the grill at 50F. Must be at 41F or below. The air temperature was at 75F, so it appeared that the unit had just broken. All of the food was moved to a unit holding at the correct temperature. Monitor temperature to ensure proper cold holding.

1/3/2014 95-A

1. The dish machine at the bar at 0 ppm chlorine. The concentration must be at 50-100 ppm chlorine to sanitize. Use 3 comp sink to sanitize until repaired.

2. The covers for the bulk storage containers are cracked and broken. Replace the lids.

7/17/2013 90-A

1. Raw fish in small prep cooler at 44F. Miscellaneous potentially hazardous food in another prop cooler at 47-48F. All must be held at 41F or below. Ice was packed into the cooler to bring down temperature until it could be repaired.

2. Improper cooling time and temperature of soup in a large container from previous day at 45F in the walk in cooler. Other items in the cooler were at 38F. The soup was discarded. For proper cooling food may be placed in shallow pans or an ice bath. It must be cooled from 135F to 70F within 2 hours and from 70F to 41F within 4 more hours for a total maximum time of 6 hours. The soup had been there at least 14 hours.

3. Clean the shelving in the dry storage area where spices are located.

3/7/2013 96-A

Several prepared potentially hazardous food items in the walk-in cooler 1-2 days past the discard date. Prepared PHF can only be held for a maximum of 7 days. The person in charge must ensure that dates are monitored and food items discarded when needed. All food past date were discarded.

11/6/2012 90-A

1. Pork loin at 127F. Must be 135F or above or use time as a public health control with procedure and documentation of time.

2. Clean door handles of equipment.

6/19/2012 98-A

1. Repair cooler to ensure condensate does not drip on food containers.

2. Clean vent in walk-in cooler to remove what appears to be mold growth.

1/18/2012 96-A

Required Re-inspection

Date marking not consistent. Either use the prepare date or the discard date, or use a P or D to differentiate whether the date notated is the prepare date or the discard date.

1/5/2012 69-U

1. Observed employee touch buns for sandwich with bare hands. No bare hand contact is allowed with ready-to-eat foods.

2. The dish machine at the bar at 0 ppm chlorine. Concentration must be at 50-100 ppm to sanitize. Use 3 comp sink to sanitize until repaired. Also, several food containers in clean storage not clean to sight and touch. If the containers cannot be cleaned, they must be discarded.

3. Improper cook temperature for raw chicken. Temperature was at 150F. It must reach 165F. Chicken was placed back on grill until it reached 165F. Person-in-charge must ensure proper cook temperatures for raw meats.

4. Deli meat on ice at 50F. Must be held at 41F. or below. When ice is used for cold holding, it must be to the level of the food, not just on the bottom. The top layers were discarded.

7/29/2011 95-A

1. The soda dispenser line was in contact with the ice in the bin used for drinks. Insure that the line is adjusted so it doesn't touch the ice.

2. Clean the shelving beside the refrigerator. Also observed an outside service technician stepping on counter. Counter was sanitized. Person-in-charge must monitor outside contractors in the facility.

2/7/2011 94-A

1. Food found stored past disposal date marked. Several prepared potentially hazardous food items in cooler past disposal date. Items were discarded. Person-in-charge to monitor dates to insure proper disposition of food at proper date.

2. Clean containers wet stacked. Air dry before stacking. Corrected on-site.

2/11/2010 90-A

Potentially hazardous foods not held @ proper temperature. Cold holding must be at 41 F or below.

Missing grates over grill. Must replace missing grates.

9/24/2009 95-A

Employee improperly eating in food prep area.

Clean salad plates should be stored in a manner that protects them from contamination

5/11/2009 91-A

Open employee drink stored with food in walk in cooler.

Stairwell between floors in kitchen should be cleaned.

Two hand wash sinks not supplied with paper towels.

Chemicals should be labeled.

1/15/2009 91-A

Prepared food held over 7 days.

Food slicer should be cleaned.

8/8/2008 91-A

No bare hand contact allowed with ready to eat food. There were numerous incidences of employees touching ready to eat food with bare hands.

6/11/2008 100-A

Opening Score



Jasper, Georgia in Pickens County in the North Georgia Mountains
Blaine, Hinton, Jasper, Ludville, Marble Hill, Nelson, Talking Rock & Tate GA

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