Highland Rivers Health Health Inspections

Week of Score Noted Violations
No. | Description of code requirement not in compliance | Occur
4/8/2022 100-A
5/19/2021 100-A
11/5/2020 100-A
1/31/2020 100-A
4/10/2019 96-A 12B Personal cleanliness 1
17D Adequate ventilation and lighting; designated areas used 1
10/30/2018 90-A 11C Approved thawing methods used 1
12C Wiping cloths: properly used and stored 1
12C Wiping cloths: properly used and stored 1
15C Nonfood-contact surfaces clean 1
18 Insects, rodents, and animals not present 1

4/16/2018 100-A
10/26/2017 100-A
5/30/2017 100-A
11/29/2016 100-A
11/3/2015 100-A
6/1/2015 99-A Observed a large pile of cardboard outside the kitchen door. Refuse or recyclables must be in a container to prevent insect and rodent infestation.
1/5/2015 99-A Observed employee food in the refrigerator. Employee food can be in the unit, but must be in a labeled, designated area under food for facility. The employee food was relocated.
10/1/2014 100-A Opening
2/29/2012 99-A The ice machine should be cleaned.
10/10/2011 94-A 1. Can with a significant dent on seal. Dented cans must be stored segregated from cans for use, to be sent back to the supplier.

2. Food employee wearing a watch and no hair restraint. Employees preparing food must wear a hair restraint. Only a plain band ring may be worn.
6/30/2011 99-A The refrigerator door handles and the inside of the refrigerator must be cleaned.
1/19/2011 96-A Observed employee drinking in a food preparation or other restricted area without a lid and straw. Canned drinks cannot be in the food prep area. Store in office or use a disposable cup with lid and straw. Corrected on-site.
7/12/2010 91-A Observed potentially hazardous food cold held at grater than 41F. Miscellaneous potentially hazardous food items at 50F. Potentially hazardous foods that were purchased 2 hours earlier were moved to refrigerator holding at 39F. Potato salad was discarded. Person-in-charge to ensure that the refrigerator is not used for potentially hazardous foods until temperature drops to 41F or below.
1/25/2010 96-A Improper date marking. Prepared potentially hazardous food must be date-marked & discarded after 7 days from opening or preparing. Person-in-charge must ensure accurate date marking.
9/23/2009 94-A Sanitizer for ware washing not at proper concentration.

6/1/2009 96-A Dish machine sanitizing system not operational.
12/22/2008 97-A Employees preparing food must wear hair restraints.
7/9/2008 99-A Employee items should not be stored on food prep areas.
3/4/2008 100-A
10/22/2007 99 Wipe cloths must be stored in sanitizing solution.
6/12/2007 93 Raw potentially hazardous food stored over ready to eat food.
All pots, pans, etc. must be stored covered or inverted.
3/1/2007 97 Partially-used food storage containers stored folded-over rather than transferred to air-tight container
Cooler thermometer not reading accurate temperature
10/23/2006 85