Jeff Dobson & Associates Health Inspections

Week of Score Noted Violations
No. | Description of code requirement not in compliance | Occur
9/21/2020 100-A
5/16/2019 100-A
11/19/2018 100-A
5/16/2018 100-A
11/8/2017 100-A
12/8/2016 100-A
8/29/2015 96-A No verification for Certified Food Safety Manager. Must be posted in facility when in operation.
11/22/2014 95-A 1. Observed employee eating in the kitchen. Employees are only allowed to have drinks with lids and straws in the kitchen area. The employee left the kitchen area to finish eating.

2. The bottom shelf of the prep cooler has excess food debris on it. Clean the shelf.
3/22/2014 86-B 1. Deli meat at 61F. Must be held at 41F or below. The cold holding units were at the proper temperature. The meat was discarded. When transporting potentially hazardous food, always ensure that it is held at 41F or below.

2. The vegetable sink did not have water. Ensure that the sink is supplied with water.

3. There was no cold water at the hand wash sink. Ensure that cold water is always available at the hand wash sink.
6/22/2013 96-A The inside top of the microwave must be cleaned to remove food debris.
8/25/2012 100-A
1/28/2012 99-A Plastic utensils must be stored where the food contact surfaces are protected.
5/28/2011 97-A Frozen hotdogs thawing at room temperature. To properly thaw potentially hazardous food, it must be under cold running water that is spilling over the container or thaw under refrigeration. Corrected on-site.
10/30/2010 97-A Observed employee with no hair restraint. All employees preparing food must wear hair restraints. Corrected on-site.
2/27/2010 92-A Hand wash sink inoperable at time of inspection. Use 3 compartment sink, then clean and sanitize sink before washing dishes. This requirement must be met before next auction or food service cannot be performed. Notify this department when repaired so it can be verified.
Cut vegetables in facility must be washed in sink that is dedicated to fruits and vegetables only. No such sink in facility. Must use prewashed and precut vegetables or install vegetable sink with air gap. Repeat violation.
7/25/2009 97-A Must have a dedicated vegetable sink for washing vegetables.
6/28/2008 92-A
11/8/2007 100
6/20/2007 100
2/8/2007 100
10/27/2006 100