Pueblo Cantina Bar & Grill Health Inspections

Week of Score Noted Violations
No. | Description of code requirement not in compliance | Occur
11/2/2018 90-A 4-1A Food separated and protected 1
14A In-use utensils: properly stored 1

4/13/2018 100-A
6/27/2017 79-C 4-2A Food stored covered
5-1B Proper reheating procedures for hot holding
14A In-use utensils: properly stored
15A Food and nonfood-contact surfaces cleanable, properly designed, constructed, and used
18 Insects, rodents, and animals not present
12/8/2016 95-A In-use utensils: properly stored

Food and nonfood-contact surfaces cleanable, properly designed, constructed, and used

Insects, rodents, and animals not present
1/27/2016 87-B 1. Observed two different employees handling ready-to-eat foods (washed celery, lemons & limes) with bare hands. One employee cutting celery & placing on plate w/ wings & another employee cutting limes/lemons for drinks. Celery, lemons and limes were discarded. Employees may not touch RTE food with bare hands. Ensure employees are trained on proper glove use.

2. Hand sink in bar not properly supplied with soap & paper towels. Both were supplied at sink on request. Hand sink in bar does not have hot water (not plumbed correctly). Hand sinks must have both hot and cold water.
7/13/2015 90-A 1. Potentially hazardous food in the walk-in cooler at 47-52F. Must be held at 41F or below. The freezer door was opened so that the air temperature would rapidly drop, and the unit was adjusted down. Person in charge must monitor temperatures to ensure proper cold holding.

2. Observed knife with masking tape around the handle, which is not smooth and easily cleanable. Remove the tape or replace the knife. The knife was taken out of service.
1/30/2015 95-A Required Re-inspection

1. Observed pan of water in the hand wash sink, making the sink inaccessible. The hand wash sink must be accessible at all times. The pan was relocated.

2. Ice scoop on top of ice machine. The scoop must be in a container, not on a dirty surface. Scoop was taken to be cleaned and sanitized.
1/20/2015 74-C 1. Observed cheese stored directly on top and in the same container with raw ground beef. Never store ready-to-eat food below, and absolutely never in the same container with raw potentially hazardous food. The cheese was discarded.

2. All of the food in the steam table and open top cooler not covered during a slow time without customers. The lids can be removed when busy, but must be replaced when not in use. Lids were placed on the food.

3. Observed raw PHF at 48 - 52F in the open cold-hold unit that must be supplemented with ice. Very little ice was in the unit. PHF above 50F was discarded and ice was added to completely surround the containers to the level of the food. During the last 2 inspections it was noted that ice
was not used properly. This unit must be replaced (within 30 days) with a cold-hold unit that does not require ice to maintain PHF at 41F or below. Until then, the person in charge must monitor unit to ensure employees are using the ice properly. Repeat Violation.

4. Observed no hot water in the facility. Person in charge stated that the unit sometimes does not relight when needed due to a sensor. The water heater was manually lit and hot water was restored at time of inspection. PIC must monitor the water heater until the sensor is repaired, to ensure continuous hot water, which is required for proper dish and hand washing. Plumber was called.
8/6/2014 91-A Raw potentially hazardous food in cold hold unit by steam table at 50-52F. Must be 41F or below. This unit is supplemented with ice. No ice was in the unit at the time of inspection. The raw PHF was moved to the freezer to rapidly cool to 41F and ice was added. Always keep ice in this unit to ensure proper cold holding.
3/13/2014 90-A 1. Observed very large container of beans in the walk-in cooler from the previous day at 58F. The beans were at a minimum of 17 hours of cooling. To properly cool, the beans should have been at 41F within 6 hours. The beans were discarded. Person in charge must ensure proper cooling with shallow pans or ice bath.

2. Shoes on top of cardboard box containing canned food. Employee items must be stored separately from food and food service equipment.
10/7/2013 93-A 1. Observed can with badly damaged seal. Always segregate cans for use from dented cans waiting for return to supplier.

2. Ice scoop stored on the top of the ice machine. Store the scoop in a clean container.

3. The back door not self closing. Install self closer.
6/3/2013 90-A 1. Potentially hazardous food items in the walk-in cooler at 45-49F. Must be held at 41F or below. The air temperature from the fan was at 37F, so the unit was capable. The owner stated that a delivery person had left the door open. The walk-in freezer door was opened into the walk-in cooler to rapidly bring the temperature down. The person in charge must ensure that the door is kept closed since only a 2 degree rise is allowed.

2. Bowls were used throughout the facility as food scoops. All scoops must have handles.
1/22/2013 87-B 1. Cooked wings on counter in a very large container cooling at room temperature. The wings were at 94F. To properly cool the wings, once the temperature reaches 135F, they must be actively cooled to 70F within 2 hours. To accomplish this, they should be placed on a sheet pan, not in a deep container, and then put into a cooler. The wings were reheated to 165F to start the cooling process over since the 2 hour limit had not been reached.

2. Flying insect spray in storage area. The spray specifically stated on the label "not for use in a food service establishment". Always use chemicals that are approved for food service. The spray was removed from the facility.
5/24/2012 95-A 1. Observed open package of fried corn on the top of the prep cooler. Employees must not eat in the kitchen. Employees in a kitchen may only have a drink, with a lid and a straw.

2. The can opener had a build-up of food debris on the blade. Clean the opener more frequently.
1/20/2012 87-B 1. Potentially hazardous food on ice at 45-61F. Must be 41F or below. PHF above 50F was discarded. When using ice for cold holding, it must completely surround and be to the level of the food, not only on the bottom.

2. Open bag and container of sugar. Once a dry food is opened, it must be placed in a sealed food grade container.

3. Wet wiping cloth not stored in sanitizing solution between uses.

4. Plate and cup used as food scoop. All food scoops must have handles, and the handle must extend out of the food product.

5. The fan in the walk-in cooler has a significant build-up of dust and what appears to be mold. The fan should be cleaned more frequently.
8/18/2011 90-A 1. Observed improper vertical separation of raw animal foods and ready-to-eat foods. Raw shrimp and chicken stored over avacados and tomatoes. Raw PHF can never be stored over RTE food. Corrected on-site.

2. Clean the buildup off of the shelves in the walk-in cooler.
3/16/2011 90-A 1. Observed potentially hazardous food cold-held at greater than 41F. Cooked chicken wings on counter at 67F. Must be held at 41F or below. Wings were discarded. Person-in-charge must insure PHF is held at the proper temperature.

2. Potentially hazardous food not held at 135F or above. Cooked pork roast at 78F beside grill. Must hold at 135F or above. The pork was discarded. Corrected on-site.
9/13/2010 96-A Wiping cloth sanitizing solution not at proper minimum strength. Wet wiping cloth not properly stored. Change cloth solution more frequently and ensure that wet wiping cloths are stored in 50 ppm chlorine sanitizing solution between uses. Corrected on-site.

The missing base molding tiles in the kitchen must be replaced.
4/19/2010 99-A Re-inspection

Plate and cup used as food scoop. All food scoops must have a handle and the handle must extend out of the food product.
4/5/2010 87-B Observed potentially hazardous food cold held at greater than 41 F. Pico de gallo, cut tomatoes, sour cream, guacamole and cheese at 57-60 F. Must be at 41 F or below.
Items were discarded at time of inspection. When ice is used to keep potentially hazardous food at proper cold-handling temperature, it must completely surround the item and be to the level of the food. Also the temperature must be monitored to ensure compliance.

Prepared food not marked with date of preparation or date for disposal. All prepared food held over 24 hours, to include precooked rice, beans, wings and pork, must be date marked, not to exceed 7 days, with day 1 being the day of preparation.
11/2/2009 93-A Sanitizer for ware washing not at proper concentration. Must be 50-100 ppm chlorine.
Food stored on floor in walk in freezer. All food storage must be 6 inches off floor
6/19/2009 91-A Potentially hazardous food not held at proper temperature. Cold holding must be at 41 F or below.
12/19/2008 91-A No bare hand contact allowed with ready to eat food. Employee handled chips and cut fresh vegetables with bare hands.
Clean vents in W/I cooler
7/23/2008 94-A Inspection report must be posted where a person has only a 1 approach.
All prepared potentially hazardous food held over 24 hours must be date marked.
Utensils in storage must be covered. All plates , bowls, etc. must be inverted or covered.
3/26/2008 89-B Employee drinks must have lid and straw and be in a disposable cup.
Must begin date marking procedure to include prepared potentially hazardous food held more than 24 hours.
Wipe cloths must be stored in sanitizing solution.
10/22/2007 93 Plates stored under prep cooling unit must be protected from contamination. Replace beverage dispensing nozzles. Invert or cover bowls beside chips.
Wipe cloths must be stored in sanitizing solution.
Repair restroom door to make it self-closing.
6/20/2007 93 Potentially hazardous food not held at proper temperature. Cooked chicken at 74 degrees F. must be 135 degrees or above. Shrimp at 57 degrees F. must be 41 degrees or below.
Restroom door in kitchen must be self-closing.
1/4/2007 96 Usage of scoop without handle for scooping
Raw wood behind bar needs to be finished
Paper towel lacking at one bar handsink
Insufficient light beneath bar due to under-counter lights not being turned on
REPEAT- Self closure still missing from employee restroom door
10/31/2006 100 Opening Score