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Wildwood Health and Rehabilitation

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Week of Score Noted Violations
9/13/2018 98-A

No. | Description of code requirement not in compliance | Occur

15C Nonfood-contact surfaces clean 1

17C Physical facilities installed, maintained, and clean 1

3/29/2018 100-A

10/24/2017 94-A

5/10/2017 91-A

4-2B Food-contact surfaces: cleaned & sanitized

17C Physical facilities installed, maintained, and clean

18 Insects, rodents, and animals not present

11/3/2016 96-A

Food properly labeled; original container

Physical facilities installed, maintained, and clean

11/3/2016 96-A

Food properly labeled; original container

Physical facilities installed, maintained, and clean

10/13/2015 91-A

1. Observed corn and pork chops from previous day at 44-45F at 18 hours. Other items in the cooler were at 38F. To properly cool, potentially hazardous food must get to 41F within 6 hours. Both items were discarded. Person in charge must ensure PHF is properly cooled by using shallow pans, ice baths or wands, and not stacking pans on top of each other.

5/11/2015 97-A

The back door was propped open. There were numerous flies in the milk cooler area. Always ensure the door remains closed to prevent flies from entering the facility. The door was closed.

3/20/2015 91-A


Observed chopped shrimp at 98F and milk/bread mixture at 100F on the steam table. When the Temperature drops from processing the food, it must be brought back up to the proper hot holding temperature of 135F before being placed on the steam table. The food was pulled and placed on stove to heat to the proper temperature.

11/4/2014 99-A

Faucet leaking at vegetable and 4 comp sinks. Repair faucet.

6/12/2014 100-A

12/20/2013 99-A

Utensils stored in a drawer with a painted surface inside. The paint is peeling and comes off easily with touch. Remove paint by sanding or sandblasting. Do not repaint.

7/29/2013 96-A

Roast beef deli meat 2 days past discard date marked. The roast beef was discarded. Person in charge must monitor dates and discard when needed.

3/26/2013 98-A

The grates in the good should be cleaned to remove buildup of dust.

11/19/2012 99-A

The grates in the vent hood should be cleaned to remove buildup of dust.

7/23/2012 93-A

1. Dish machine sanitizer not at proper minimum concentration. Use 3 comp sink to sanitize until machine is repaired.

2. Wipe cloth sanitizer not at proper minimum concentration. Should be 50-100 ppm chlorine.

4/16/2012 98-A

Observed wall at hand wash sink crumbling. Also the ceiling in the dry storage area has what appears to be mold growth due to moisture. Repair ASAP. Repeat Violation.

12/19/2011 99-A

Repair the back door. Repair wall at the hand wash sink.

8/10/2011 91-A

Observed potentially hazardous food cold-held at greater than 41F. PHF items in the refrigerator at 45F. Must be 41F or below. Milk in milk cooler at 44F. Both units were adjusted down at time of inspection. Person-in-charge must monitor temperatures of food to insure proper cold holding. Unit should be set at 36F instead of 41F to allow for temperature rise during use.

3/28/2011 99-A

The floor and base tile must be repaired.

10/8/2010 91-A

Observed potentially hazardous food cold held at greater than 41F. The refrigeration unit was broken and the nurses refrigerator, milk cooler and plastic coolers were being utilized. Temperatures of 45-46F were noted in the nurses refrigerator and one cooler. The refrigerator was turned down and more ice was added to the cooler to surround the food products. No raw potentially hazardous food was in any of the coolers.

5/14/2010 100-A

11/24/2009 90-A

Out-of-date dairy products. Milk was 4 days out of date. Separate from good product and do not use.

The floor, especially under sinks and dish machine, should be repaired.

7/14/2009 100-A

11/3/2008 96-A

Finish repair and sealing of outside storage where milk cooler is located.

6/27/2008 96-A

3-compartment sink should be sealed to the wall. Repeat. Paint raw wood in milk cooler room including ceiling. Seal all cracks to outside.

Vegetable sink cannot be used as a dump sink or to wash pans, only use this sink to wash vegetables.

1/31/2008 90-A

Raw potentially hazardous food stored over ready to eat food. Raw eggs stored over pie.

Screen door must be self-closing. Seal 3-comp sink to wall.

10/10/2007 98

3-comp sink and dish machine should be sealed to wall.

Exterior screen door should be self-closing.

5/11/2007 92

Sanitizer for ware washing not at proper concentration. Should be 50-100 ppm chlorine.

Clean can opener to remove buildup of metal shavings.

Ceiling must be repaired. Peeling paint and mold on walls due to leak in ceiling. Repeat

Air conditioner cover must be replaced.

10/31/2006 92

Dish machine not adequately sanitizing

Ceiling panels in need of replacement



Jasper, Georgia in Pickens County in the North Georgia Mountains
Blaine, Hinton, Jasper, Ludville, Marble Hill, Nelson, Talking Rock & Tate GA

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