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Week of Score Noted Violations
No. | Description of code requirement not in compliance | Occur
1/22/2021 96-A 8-2B Toxic substances properly identified, stored, used 1
8/4/2020 100-A
3/20/2019 92-A 4-2B Food-contact surfaces: cleaned & sanitized 1
12C Wiping cloths: properly used and stored 1
17D Adequate ventilation and lighting; designated areas used 1
8/30/2018 100-A
7/5/2017 96-A Proper eating, tasting, drinking, or tobacco use
12/16/2016 100-A
7/24/2015 97-A The bottom of the back door is in disrepair and not self closing to prevent the entry of insects and rodents. Replace or repair the door and install self-closer.
4/28/2015 100-A Opening