Harmony Elementary (HES) Health Inspections

Week of Score Noted Violations
No. | Description of code requirement not in compliance | Occur
2/26/2021 100-A
10/10/2019 100-A
2/11/2019 100-A
9/6/2018 100-A
3/15/2018 100-A
9/6/2017 100-A
3/1/2017 97-A 10D Food properly labeled; original container
10/12/2016 100-A
3/3/2016 100-A Health inspection comments are no longer provided. For more information, click here.
9/3/2015 100-A
3/18/2015 100-A
9/25/2014 97-A Turkey and deli meat in the walk-in cooler thawing in a pan of water. To perform a quick thaw, the meat
must be in the meat sink with continually running cold water spilling over the edge of the pan. It cannot
be stored in water that is considered "stagnant". The meat was removed from the water.
3/18/2014 100-A
9/4/2013 99-A Single service utensils stored under exposed plumbing. The utensils were relocated. Never store food or food service equipment under exposed plumbing.
1/28/2013 100-A
10/30/2012 96-A Opened package of cheese not date marked. After opening prepared potentially hazardous food, it must be date marked for no longer than 7 days, with one day being the date of opening.
2/24/2012 99-A Single service articles stored with chemicals. Store single service articles separately from chemicals.
10/18/2011 97-A Observed can damaged on seal. Dented cans to be returned to the supplier must be stored separately from cans for use.
3/30/2011 100-A
11/17/2010 100-A
9/27/2010 100-A
3/19/2010 100-A
10/13/2009 100-A
10/13/2009 100-A
2/19/2009 100-A
10/15/2008 100-A
12/18/2007 99-A Door to restroom must be self closing.
9/24/2007 99 Wipe cloths must be stored in sanitizing solution when not in use.
12/19/2006 100
8/3/2006 100