Jasper Elementary School (JES) Health Inspections

Week of Score Noted Violations
No. | Description of code requirement not in compliance | Occur
3/13/2018 100-A
9/6/2017 100-A
2/2/2017 100-A
9/15/2016 100-A
3/3/2016 99-A Observed open doors and top lids of dumpster containers. Lids/door must be kept closed. New Violation.
8/28/2015 100-A
1/22/2015 100-A
9/16/2014 99-A Observed employee cutting celery with a cloth protective glove. Always put a single use glove over the protective glove when touching ready-to-eat food.
1/27/2014 91-A Observed employee scooping fruit salad into single service articles. Some of the fruit dropped from the scoop and the employee picked it up off of the counter with her bare hands and placed it into the single service cup. No bare hand contact is allowed with ready-to-eat food. The container was discarded.
9/12/2013 100-A
1/21/2013 97-A Spray bottle sanitizer at 0 ppm quat. Must be minimum 200 ppm. Bottle was discarded. Person in charge must ensure sanitizer is at the proper concentration.
9/14/2012 97-A Croutons in storage not in a sealed container. After opening bag, do not just twist and clip. Place in a sealed container.
1/23/2012 95-A 1. High temperature dish machine final rinse at 162F. Must reach 180F. Maintenance was called at time of inspection. Use 3 comp sink to sanitize until repaired.

2. Zip lock bags stored under exposed plumbing. Food or food service equipment cannot be stored under exposed plumbing.
9/12/2011 100-A
3/11/2011 95-A Opening inspection with new ownership

1. Dish machine chlorine sanitizer not at proper minimum strength. Chlorine at 10 ppm. Must be minimum 50 ppm.

2. The walk-in cooler must be sealed. All open spaces around cooler must be finished to be smooth and easily cleanable. The wall must be repaired.

3. The light in the walk-in cooler must be shatterproof or covered.
3/7/2011 99-A Observed employee pull gloves out of pocket to use for food service. Employee was stopped and directed not to keep a supply of gloves in pockets, but to get clean gloves from the box.
9/15/2010 97-A Wiping cloth quaternary ammonium compound sanitizing solution not at proper minimum strength. Corrected on-site.
1/22/2010 100-A
9/21/2009 96-A Employee drinks must have lid and straw.
2/10/2009 100-A
9/19/2008 100-A
2/7/2008 100-A
9/26/2007 93 Food contact surface must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized immediately following preparation of raw potentially hazardous food.
12/19/2006 99 Dented cans stored with cans to be used in dry storage
4/13/2006 100