Hill City Elementary School (HCES) Health Inspections

Week of Score Noted Violations
No. | Description of code requirement not in compliance | Occur
12/3/2020 100-A
10/7/2019 100-A
2/11/2019 100-A
9/6/2018 100-A
3/1/2018 100-A
8/31/2017 100-A
3/15/2017 100-A
10/13/2016 100-A
3/24/2016 96-A Observed bulk container of detergent not labeled with contents. PIC labeled container on request. *Note: Do not use old food containers for chemicals storage. Corrected On-Site. New Violation.
10/6/2015 96-A High temperature dish machine not reaching minimum temperature for sanitization. Use 3 comp sink until machine is repaired.
3/4/2015 100-A
9/26/2014 96-A Observed mold and slime in the ice machine. Empty machine and clean ASAP.
1/25/2014 100-A
9/16/2013 99-A The floor in the walk-in freezer must be cleaned to remove dirt build-up.
1/30/2013 99-A Standing water in utensil drawer. Rewash and sanitize all utensils in the drawer.
10/16/2012 95-A 1. Observed mold-like substance in the ice machine. Clean the ice machine more frequently.

2. Observed the outside of equipment in storage not clean to sight and touch. Ensure that equipment is thoroughly cleaned before using
2/3/2012 99-A The fan vents in the walk-in cooler should be cleaned to remove what appears to be mold.
9/13/2011 91-A Observed garbanzo beans and pears from an opened can,using time as a public health control. The temperatures were at 62-68F at the beginning of the 4 hour limit. When time is used as a public health control, the food temperature must start at 41F or below. The documentation of time cannot start at room temperature. One way to accomplish this is to place the cans in the cooler the night before serving.
3/25/2011 100-A
2/17/2010 100-A
10/22/2009 100-A
2/5/2009 100-A
10/27/2008 100-A
1/30/2008 97-A Sanitizer for wipe cloths not at proper concentration. Should be 200-400 ppm Quat.
9/6/2007 97 Vents in cooler should be thoroughly cleaned.
12/15/2006 100
5/11/2006 100