Jasper Middle School (JMS) Health Inspections

Week of Score Noted Violations
No. | Description of code requirement not in compliance | Occur
3/10/2021 100-A
10/4/2019 100-A
2/14/2019 99-A 15C Nonfood-contact surfaces clean 1
9/7/2018 100-A
3/14/2018 100-A
10/24/2017 100-A
4/13/2017 98-A 15C Nonfood-contact surfaces clean
15C Nonfood-contact surfaces clean
17B Garbage/refuse properly disposed; facilities maintained
10/20/2016 90-A Proper hot holding temperatures

Utensils, equipment and linens: properly stored, dried, handled
3/24/2016 96-A Observed dried food particles on slicer and on cabbage shredder. PIC instructed employee to disassemble for cleaning, which she did. Corrected On-Site. New Violation.
8/24/2015 94-A 1. Observed an open employee drink in the dish room. Employee drinks must have a lid and straw. The drink was discarded.

2. Observed opened can of pineapple in the walk-in cooler at 9 days. Prepared potentially hazardous food must be discarded 7 days after opening. The pineapple was discarded. The person in charge must monitor dates and discard items when needed.
2/5/2015 100-A
9/23/2014 91-A Observed a very large pot of turkey broth in the walk-in cooler at 49F from the previous day. The broth was discarded. The manager stated that the broth could not be used because of sodium concentration.

The broth, if not for the sodium content would have been used since it was in the walk-in cooler. Never cool in a large container. Use shallow pans and ice baths to properly cool to 41F within 6 hours. The broth was at about 18 hours.
2/3/2014 96-A Observed can of bug spray that is not approved for use in a food service establishment. The spray was discarded. Always ensure that chemicals used are approved for use in a food service establishment.
9/17/2013 100-A
8/24/2012 96-A Spray bottle sanitizer at an extremely high concentration, 750 ppm quat. Sanitizer should be 200 ppm quat.
1/20/2012 100-A
9/7/2011 93-A 1. Spray bottle sanitizer at an extremely high concentration (>500 ppm quat.) Sanitizer should be 200 ppm quat.

2. Observed food employee with a band bracelet. Food employees are only allowed to wear a plain band ring.
3/14/2011 94-A 1. Observed milk date 3/11/11 on 3/14/11. Person-in-charge must insure that the milk is always in date.

2. Wiping cloth quaternary ammonium compound sanitizing solution not at proper minimum temperature. The temperature of the solution was at 60F. It must be at a minimum of 75F. Corrected on-site.
9/13/2010 99-A Dish racks should not be stored on floor. Corrected on-site.
2/1/2010 91-A Potentially hazardous food not held at proper temperature. Cold holding must be @ 41 F or below.
10/2/2009 100-A
2/12/2009 99-A Gloves should be used when placing ready to eat food in pans for storage to ensure that there is no bare hand contact with ready to eat food.
9/29/2008 100-A
1/16/2008 100-A
9/20/2007 93 Potentially hazardous food not stored at proper temperature-items in W/I @47 degrees F must be 41 degrees F or below. W/I adjusted to correct temperature at time of inspection.
Sanitizer for wipe cloths too strong should be 200-400 ppm Quat.
12/19/2006 100
10/19/2006 100