Pickens Junior High School Health Inspections

Week of Score Noted Violations
No. | Description of code requirement not in compliance | Occur
2/26/2021 100-A
10/21/2019 100-A
2/13/2019 99-A 15A Food and nonfood-contact surfaces cleanable, properly designed, constructed, and used 1
9/13/2018 100-A
3/16/2018 100-A
10/18/2017 100-A
4/12/2017 100-A
10/19/2016 100-A
3/24/2016 100-A
9/14/2015 100-A
1/21/2015 97-A Observed milk dated 1/19/15, which was 2 days past date. Must segregate expired milk for supplier pick-up. The milk was discarded. The person in charge must monitor dates and discard when needed.
10/6/2014 100-A
3/12/2014 100-A
9/24/2013 91-A Canned pears not brought down to 41F before using time as a public health control. Manager stated they were not placed in the walk-in cooler the previous night. Always ensure that potentially hazardous food is at 41F or below before using time as a public health control.
3/12/2013 100-A
10/23/2012 91-A Cheese sauce on steam table at 125F. Must be 135F or above. The sauce was pulled off the steam table and reheated to 176F.
2/23/2012 100-A
9/30/2011 100-A
3/1/2011 99-A The duster should not be stored above food service equipment. Corrected on-site.
9/24/2010 100-A
3/15/2010 100-A
10/14/2009 100-A
10/22/2008 100-A
2/11/2008 99-A Ice scoop cannot be stored in ice producing machine.
12/15/2006 100
4/6/2006 100