Pickens County Head Start/Pre-K Health Inspections

Week of Score Noted Violations
No. | Description of code requirement not in compliance | Occur
11/19/2020 100-A
10/18/2019 100-A
2/6/2019 100-A
8/23/2018 100-A
2/27/2018 99-A No. | Description of code requirement not in compliance | Occur

15C Nonfood-contact surfaces clean 1
8/14/2017 100-A
8/4/2016 100-A
9/29/2015 100-A
3/9/2015 100-A
11/3/2014 100-A
3/26/2014 100-A
10/21/2013 97-A Can with badly damaged seal. Segregate cans for use from cans to be returned to the supplier.
3/13/2013 100-A
10/26/2012 100-A
3/12/2012 100-A
9/29/2011 99-A Numerous nails extending through the ceiling in the back storage area where the milk coolers are located. This is not a smooth and easily cleanable surface. A drop ceiling with vinyl tile or other approved material should be installed.
4/11/2011 95-A 1. Observed can opener with receding blades not broken down and cleaned. At time of inspection, employee was instructed on how to break down the opener. Insure that after use or at a maximum of 4 hours, the opener is broken down, cleaned and sanitized.

2. Observed broken and missing floor tiles in the kitchen area, especially under the dish machine. The floor should be repaired.
10/13/2010 100-A
2/22/2010 100-A
10/26/2009 100-A
3/16/2009 100-A
2/19/2009 100-A
11/6/2008 100-A
1/29/2008 98-A Need air gap for food service equipment. Also must have separate vegetable sink.
9/1/2007 100
12/15/2006 100
9/22/2006 93