Pickens County Senior Center Health Inspections

Week of Score Noted Violations
No. | Description of code requirement not in compliance | Occur
5/31/2019 100-A
11/15/2018 100-A
5/29/2018 100-A
11/8/2017 100-A
6/15/2017 100-A
12/28/2016 97-A Insects, rodents, and animals not present
6/22/2016 100-A
8/12/2015 100-A
3/24/2015 100-A
11/13/2014 97-A Wet wipe cloth on container in dry storage. Wet cloths must be in sanitizing solution between uses. Cloth was moved.
6/24/2014 99-A Observed drain board for dishes beside the 2 compartment sink being used as a hand wash sink. This sink must not be used for washing dishes. Use the installed 3 compartment sink to wash, rinse and sanitize dishes.
2/10/2014 100-A
9/9/2013 100-A
3/11/2013 94-A 1. Observed a mold like growth in the ice machine. Clean the ice machine more frequently.

2. A mop was touching the box holding single service articles. The mop must be stored away from food service equipment.

3. Clean the interior of the utensil drawer to remove food debris.
11/1/2012 90-A 1. Potentially hazardous food not held at 135F or above. Beans at 114F. The beans were delivered at 7:40 a.m., 3.5 hours earlier. The switch was broken on the steam table. The beans were discarded. Repair the switch.

2. The wall and shelf under the steam table should be cleaned to remove spilled food.
7/6/2012 99-A Replace the seal at the handwash sink.
3/9/2012 99-A The walls in the kitchen, especially at the steam table, should be cleaned.
11/8/2011 99-A The ice machine should be cleaned.
7/8/2011 99-A The light in the refrigerator must be shielded or shatterproof.
2/18/2011 99-A The wallboard behind the steam table should be cleaned and either replace or cover with plexiglass the area that is in disrepair.
5/26/2010 100-A
12/23/2009 100-A
9/18/2009 100-A
6/2/2009 100-A
1/29/2009 100-A
9/24/2008 100-A
6/3/2008 97-A Need air-gap for 3-compartment sink. Repeat
12/20/2007 98-A Sink for washing dishes must have air-gap.
3/1/2007 98 Employee food stored with food for sales
Used single use utensils located in storage rather than discarded
5/11/207 97 Ice machine should be thoroughly cleaned.