St. Vincent De Paul Society
1908 Waleska Hwy. 108 ~ Jasper, GA 30143

St. Vincent De Paul Society

PHONE 706-692-7604


The Family Uplift Program has been in existence at our Lady of the Mountains Conference of the St. Vincent de Paul Society (SVdP) in Jasper, Georgia, for over ten years.

Unlike most programs that provide temporary, short term help to families in need, the Family Uplift Program is a long-term program designed to help families change their lives forever. Through education or job skills improvement training, the Family Uplift Program gives families the tools and opportunity to be self-sufficient. Program participants generally enroll in a course of study at a technical college or accredited program in the area; enrollees must attain a B average throughout the program. Candidates must have GED or high school diploma, and must be eligible for the HOPE and Pell Grant. What they need, and could never achieve on their own is financial assistance with their living expenses (rent, utilities, transportation, child care, etc) over the course of their education. Annual cost per student per year ranges from
$5,000 to $10,000 depending on family size.

The students have entered into a formal agreement with SVdP, which outlines the specific details of the program, including the time period, parameters of the program, the amount of financial assistance to be given each month, and the mentoring process. The students are required to contact their mentors once a week, and meet monthly to go over their budget and discuss any concerns they might have. Failure to comply with the terms of the agreement, results in termination from the program. Please call the SVdP at 706.692.7604, leave a message and your phone number and ask that Mike return the call.

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