Pickens County Animal Shelter
3563 Camp Rd ~ Jasper, GA 30143

Pickens County Animal Shelter

PHONE 706-253-8983

Pickens County Animal Shelter

Tuesday- Friday:
12 noon – 5 pm,
will not accept incoming
animals after 4:30 pm.

Saturday: 11 am-3 pm,
will not accept incoming
animals after 1 pm.


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If your dog is brought to the shelter, the waiting period is 5 days with no chip or id tags and 10 days with id tags or chip. If you've lost your dog, please check with the shelter.


  • Could Cheeto be your snack-attack friend? (7/31/2015)

    It's all fun and games until someone's head gets stuck in the Cheese Ball bucket! But seriously, this poor gal, now named "Cheeto," got her head st...

  • Four Legged Love From Lizzy (7/14/2015)

    Lizzy is around a year old. She is a sweet kitty looking for her forever home. She loves sunbathing in the window and bird-watching. Lizzy is s...

  • Is This Not The Sweetest Face You’ve Ever Seen? (7/1/2015)

    We are on kitten cuteness overload! Here at the shelter we have over 80 cats/kittens. We currently cannot accept any more intakes until some of...

  • Keep Your Pet Safe in the Summer Heat (7/1/2015)

    We hope you all are enjoying your summer. Here are some reminders about how to keep your pets safe in the summer heat. -- Never leave your pet in...

  • Four Legged Love From Angus & Angelo (6/9/2015)

    Here in Pickens County, citizens are stepping up to improve the quality of life for cats and dogs alike. The Pickens County Animal Shelter as well as ...

  • Four Legged Love From Vinny (5/19/2015)
    One Year Old Cattle Mix Dog
    Here in Pickens County, citizens are stepping up to improve the quality of life for cats and dogs alike. The Pickens County Animal Shelter as well as ...

  • FELINES big and small, young and old, male and female, short and long hair (5/13/2015)
    The Pickens County Animal Shelter has been blessed with an overabundance of cats and kittens. You can choose the breed, color, personality, age, and ...

  • Four Legged Love From Portia (5/9/2015)
    A one-year-old female terrier mix dog
    Hi, I am Portia and I am looking for a new forever home. A lady who visits me here at the County Shelter says that I am “a real Brindle beaut...

  • Four Legged Love From Kendall (4/8/2015)
    I am Kendall and I need someone to foster me, crate train me, and give me lots of one-on-one attention until I am more self-assured. A tempora...

  • Four Legged Love From Roddie (3/24/2015)
    Hi, I am Roddie, a regal Rhodesian ridgeback. I am anxious to please with a sweet and loving personality. The lady who took my picture said I...

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